How to look fashionably classy and polished at all times

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Everyone likes to look classy and polished and give off an air of grandeur to everyone around them. Thankfully, looking sophisticated and fashionable at the same time isn’t a difficult task. Here are our top tips on how you can look polished and classy at all times.



1. Personal grooming:

It always starts with the little things that add up to a whole lot more. Make sure your manicures are on point. Stick with a neutral or very subtle nail paint color that will suit most outfits rather than getting a dark or a flamboyant color that is more likely to clash with what you’re wearing. Nail colors such as white or beige or French nails look amazing and complement most outfits.

Wash your hair every 2-3 days and keep it natural looking and clean. Your hair is your crowning glory and greasy hair never makes an impression. Keep your hair color as close to your natural hair color so you don’t have to constantly recolor it which costs a lot of time and money. Also, spending 15 to 20 minutes grooming your hair every day will make a huge difference. After getting your hair done, ask the stylist to show you how you can achieve the style yourself at home. Learn how to make easy ponytails and buns so you can still look manageable on days when you’re running low on time.

2. Makeup:

When it comes to makeup, less is always more. Try to stay away from full coverage foundations, bold eyes, bold lips, and bold contours unless it’s for a special occasion. Stick to light or medium coverage foundations for your day to day look. If you have blemishes, hide them with concealer rather than going all out with your foundation. Try and find a signature nude lip color that flatters your skin tone and you can wear daily on the go. Take good care of your skin. Cleanse, tone and moisturize every day. Good skin is the base for a no-makeup makeup look.

3. Perfume.

A good perfume makes a world of a difference to how a lady presents herself. Try not to change your perfumes frequently. Everyone should have a signature perfume that best suits the chemistry of their bodies and adds to the overall look of the person. Look for subtle fragrances that smell heavenly and match your personality.

4. Accessories:

A rule for accessories is to go minimal with timeless pieces such as classic bags and jewelry. Don’t wear everything at once as it gives off a vibe that you’re trying too hard. Wearing a beautiful emerald earpiece? Ditch the bracelet. Keep it simple. Invest in classic bags and shoes since that is going to match countless numbers of outfits. A good bag and a good shoe can carry through hundreds of outfits and looks.

Another classic accessory for winter is a good neutral scarf. In summer, a cute necktie adds wonders to an outfit. Also, a pair of classic sunglasses will last you a long time and add to your overall polished look.

5. Wardrobe:

Stick to a color scheme. If you’re not sure where to start, neutrals are the way to go. Go with creams, whites, beiges and pale subtle pinks that make putting outfits so much easier. When you have a colorful wardrobe, you are required to buy more clothes to suit those colors. But if you have a color scheme, it’s so much easier to style a look.

Try mixing classic wardrobe staples with trendy pieces. For instance, wrap a necktie around the handle of your bag to make it look more trendy and pair it with a classic white trench coat. High necks look very chic in winter and blouses with clean lines and feminine details look great in summer.

A well-fitting outfit will look more put together than loose outfits. Take the time to research your body type to see what kind of clothes suit you the best and make purchases accordingly. Not all clothes are meant for every body type.

Never underestimate the power of a good tailor. A little expense towards tailoring your clothes to fit your body will make a huge difference in how you present yourself. Pair flowy tops with tight skirts or shorts and pair skater skirts with a tight top or a high neck top.

Make sure your clothes are ironed or steamed to keep it’s appearance presentable. Get the lint off a woolen sweater or coat with a fabric shaver. Get a sticky lint roller if you own a pet to get the fur off your clothes.

6. Feel confident:

It’s not only on the outside that matters but also how you feel on the inside. How you conduct yourself contributes to whether or not you look classy and polished. Stand tall. Keep your Chin high. Focus on getting a good Posture when you sit or stand. Keep your back straight and legs crossed when you sit. Being classy and polished is in the air you give off. You could be wearing all the right clothes and accessories and it wouldn’t matter if you didn’t feel confident in your own skin.

With a little effort, you can look polished and classy each day every day. Remember, Dressing well is a form of good manners. -Tom Ford.


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