Every Moment is New with the Leica ZM 11

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Discover a seamless blend of innovation and watchmaking with the Leica ZM 11, a tribute to Leica’s storied history of dedication to precision and craftsmanship. This new timepiece is not just a watch; it’s a timeless work of art designed to play with light and shadow, embodying the essence of time itself.

Swiss Excellence in Motion

Engineered in partnership with Chronode, the renowned Swiss movement developer, the automatic Leica Caliber LA-3001 showcases impeccable precision, with an astounding accuracy of -4/+6 seconds per day and an impressive 60-hour power reserve. This caliber undergoes meticulous measurement in five positions, ensuring unwavering accuracy, and is adorned with 35 jewels. The Leica ZM 11 stands out through its intricate sandblasting, brushing, and polishing techniques, reminiscent of the exquisite craftsmanship found in the Leica ZM 1 and ZM 2 watches. Encased in a 10 ATM water-resistant titanium or stainless steel 41 mm shell, it not only opens doors to future innovations in the ZM 11 Collection but also captures the signature aesthetics of Leica design.

The Dial – Where Art Meets Function

Leica Camera

The Leica ZM 11 features a single dial, but it offers infinite impressions. This watch face is not just a canvas; it’s a work of art where light and shadow interact to create depth. The dual-layered dial of the Launch Edition transitions from sleek black to vibrant red as you change your perspective. What makes it truly unique is that it doesn’t rely on printed visuals but achieves this gradient effect through intricate mechanical craftsmanship. The luminous-filled brushed indexes with polished edges ensure optimal visibility in any lighting condition. The hands are a marvel – diamond-cut, softly faceted, and adorned with a combination of deep brushed and sand-blasted surfaces that shimmer beautifully in the light.

Adapting with Elegance

The Leica ZM 11 doesn’t just tell time; it adapts to every occasion seamlessly. With the Leica Easy Change system, reminiscent of a Leica camera’s lens release button, you can effortlessly change the ZM 11’s appearance. By simply pressing the red dot, you can switch between elegant titanium and stainless steel, vulcanized rubber, or durable fabric watch straps. Each band is designed for comfort and complements the watch’s linear aesthetics, making the ZM 11 a sight to behold and a joy to wear.

A Legacy of Excellence

The Leica ZM 11 epitomizes engineering excellence and unmatched craftsmanship, reflecting over 150 years of Leica’s commitment to innovation and design. With every glance, the ZM 11 transforms, offering a unique perspective on time. The collection includes three distinct timepieces: the limited-edition ZM 11 Titanium Launch Edition with a black and red dial, the ZM 11 Titanium Coffee Black with a warm-black dial, and the ZM 11 Steel Midnight Blue with a blue and black dial. The ZM 11 collection will be available at select Leica stores worldwide, including Germany, Switzerland, the USA, and more, with prices starting at $6,775 for the Steel model to $8,150 for the Titanium edition with a full Titanium band.

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