Bond No. 9 Celebrates 20th Anniversary With Fragrance That Will Last

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New York City is a place where every street, every neighborhood, and every moment is filled with a unique charm that engages the senses. It’s a city of remarkable diversity, from the tranquil Riverside Drive to the bustling Financial District and the salty sea air of Coney Island. Bond No. 9, a homegrown perfume brand named after its downtown Manhattan headquarters, has masterfully bottled this essence, creating an ever-expanding library of scents that encapsulate the dynamism and allure of New York City.

 A Tribute to New York’s Dynamic Spirit

Photo: Rommel Demano

Founded in 2003 by French perfume expert Laurice Rahmé, Bond No. 9 is a brand deeply rooted in its love for the city. Each fragrance in their collection pays homage to different facets of New York, reflecting Rahmé’s passion for her hometown. The brand has become an iconic part of the city, capturing its essence in vibrant bottles that line the shelves of their boutiques.

Celebrating 20 Years with “New York Forever”

Photo: Rommel Demano

As Bond No. 9 commemorates two decades of crafting bold New York-inspired fragrances, they introduce “New York Forever,” a new eau de parfum that pays tribute to the city’s rich history. This fragrance, designed by Domitille Michalon-Bertier, features notes of Sri Lankan cinnamon bark and Indonesian patchouli, reminiscent of the spices traded by Manhattan’s Dutch settlers. With accents of honeyed amber, vanilla, and moss, it evokes the essence of autumn in the city and leaves a lasting impression.

 New York Forever – A Fragrance for a Powerful City

Photo: Rommel Demano

“New York Forever” encapsulates the city’s enduring spirit, blending nostalgia with a dynamic essence. Packaged in a luminous gold bottle adorned with a vibrant red heart, this fragrance symbolizes the resilience and vibrancy of New York. The bold design reflects Bond No. 9’s commitment to creating perfumes that are both a vessel for fragrance and a work of art.

Bond No. 9 continues to be a tribute to the best of New York City, a brand that truly celebrates the city’s spirit. As we look ahead to the future of this incredible metropolis, it’s comforting to know that Bond No. 9’s fragrances will continue to encapsulate all that makes New York the greatest city on earth.

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