YUIMA NAKAZATO Fall/Winter 2023–2024 Couture

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During Haute Couture Week in Paris on July 5, 2023, YUIMA NAKAZATO showed its Fall/Winter couture collection titled “MAGMA.” This collection included Brewed Protein materials.


The original Biosmocking technology, developed by YUIMA NAKAZATO and used in this collection, enables designers to flexibly modify the shape of fabric through the use of digital fabrication, and it was used to create three of the looks in this collection. The first dress is a hybrid of the Bio Smocking technique and YUIMA NAKAZATO’s TYPE-1 technology, which utilises a unique resin and metal clasps to combine separate pieces of cloth into full garments without the need of needles or thread. This dress exemplifies the combination of these two innovative techniques. The last two garments, a dress and a jacket, are the results of the first attempts to combine biosmocking with sumi shibori, often known as ink tie-dyeing.


One of the styles included a dress shirt produced from 15% Brewed Protein fibre and 85% cotton, while the other four looks featured jackets and coats created with beaver-finished weave fabrics consisting of 30% Brewed Protein fibre, 59% wool, and 11% cashmere. One of the outfits featured a dress shirt made from 15% Brewed Protein fibre and 85% cotton. Outside of prototypes, this is the first time a dress shirt created with Brewed Protein fibre has been mass-produced and displayed in public.


MAGMA showcases not just a broad range of seven total pieces but also the potential and diversity of both Brewed Protein materials and apparel itself by utilising the distinctive qualities of Spiber’s synthetic protein materials.

The Collection

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