Ronald van der Kemp COUTURE FOR THE FALL OF 2023- 24

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The presentation notes for the Ronald van der Kemp show were so brief that they almost qualified as lapidary. On them is written: “The Reset. A happening. Aware of. Creative and skilled. Crafted by hand. That’s disarming. A close relationship. Warm and fuzzy feelings. ” optimistic” A kind of economical use of words that contains a wealth of conceptualizations. The presentation-cum-performance, which took place at the Atelier Néerlandais, was a crowded, exuberant, and high-vibrational affair. It featured ready-made installations, clothes suspended in mid-air or hung on walls as if they were artworks, and the RVDK posse of friends and family parading around clad in his sustainable, upcycled, hyperbolic concoctions. It had a really intoxicating effect.


The designer, in partnership with the Dutch business Salle Privée, just released a new fragrance called The Mind Vaccine, and hints of it could be smelled floating throughout the rooms. These hints contributed even more addictive undertones. RVDK was only half-joking when he exclaimed, “I’d like people to take The Mind Vaccine and press the reset button,” but his enthusiasm was contagious. The fragrance has a very traditional aroma that is subtly spicy and is made with natural components, most of which are derived through recycling methods. According to Van der Kemp, “It reminds me of home and of the cooking that my mother used to do, so it’s quite a sentimental thing.” In addition to this, he stated, “This collection is made with love, and I believe that we should make things that feel embracing, loving, and comforting.”


RVDK’s approach is motivated by the individuals he meets and incorporates in his projects via voluntary affinities; he has no formal team, but rather he operates surrounded by a type of osmotic, elastic creative organism with malleable artistic possibilities. RVDK’s work has been shown internationally. The aesthetically pleasing collection that he displayed contained items that were meticulously crafted from repurposed or recycled materials and were the result of layers upon layers of communal efforts. There was a method to the craziness, despite the fact that it was extremely innovative, thought-provoking, and emotive. There was an abundance of love, as well as charity and artistic ability in plentiful supply.

The Collection

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