PRISCAVera Fall/Winter 2023 Collection: A Blend of Bossiness and Sensuality

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Are you a fashion lover looking for the latest trend? The PRISCAVera Fall/Winter 2023 Collection is not to be missed. This season, the PRISCAVera woman breaks boundaries by bringing her bossy attitude into the workday. Shedding her party clothes, she is now assertive and carefree, reflected in the sophisticated and tailored pieces of the collection. Let’s dive deeper into the essence of the PRISCAVera Fall/Winter 2023 Collection.

The PRISCAVera Fall/Winter 2023 Collection recently showcased its latest creations during the New York Fashion Week Runway Show. The collection features the roots of the brand: intricate tailoring that results in minimalistic yet elegant clothing while also exploring the dynamic and ever-changing boundaries of empowerment, sensuality, and elegance.

The PRISCAVera woman is portrayed as emerging from the night and into the workday, bringing a bossy attitude evident in the suiting, workwear, and off-time attire. The collection features a modular approach that allows most pieces to be interchangeable through personal styling. The clothing follows three thematic threads: “bossy gothic,” “bare minimum sex appeal,” and “back to the office,” which repeat silhouettes transformed by different textiles. The collection’s mood this season is described as “liquid armor,” which shields and empowers women to face the cold weather and everyday life head-on.

The Priscilla woman’s identity is contemporary, acknowledging that everything is in flux. She dresses for herself, knowing that clothing is a form of communication. PRISCAVera embraces fashion’s hazy nature and takes a cheeky approach, combining authenticity with fantasy, while approachability is in the eye of the beholder. The collection includes a series of semi-transparent liquid tops, slip dresses, trousers, button-up dresses, and shirts with ultra-feminine shapes and details like keyholes and knots. The brand’s signature development of logo prints sees the introduction of denim jacquard in familiar silhouettes, such as a newly shaped corset, a low-rise pannier miniskirt, baggy trousers, and a matching jacket with lace-up details.

The collection also features mesh, a continually investigated textile, in a softer variation with a green tartan print, while contrast stitch suits, skirts, and corsets in black and white walk alongside a system of hounds-tooth garments. For evenings, coppery metallic and luminous pink silks, metallic silver lurex, and velvet burnout make up a range of clothing. These include slip dresses, trousers, and button-up dresses with ultra-feminine shapes and details like keyholes and knots. For off-days, the PRISCAVERA woman can wear velvet rugby and tailored cotton shirts with lace-up details that match boxer shorts or trousers.

In conclusion, the PRISCAVera Fall/Winter 2023 Collection offers an all-encompassing approach to the different lives of the PRISCAVera woman. Whether she goes to the office or dresses up for an evening out, this collection has something to offer every woman. It’s a liquid armor for those who embody bossy gothic and bare minimum sex appeal with feminine shapes and attention to detail.

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