Maison Sara Chraibi Haute Couture Fall 2023

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In Paris, the Maison Sara Chraibi haute couture portfolio features an assortment of geometric motifs.


On the last day of Paris haute couture week, the Maison Sara Chraibi showed a collection of garments that had a sculptural quality to them and had intricate geometric patterns.


The models’ entrance was signalled by the sound of a horse galloping through the arena. Their spiked gold heels crunched on the gravel runway that was set up in a school yard on the Left Bank in Paris as they went out extremely slowly in order to provide the audience with a better opportunity to examine the intricate clothes.


The first group of styles consisted of long white dresses with hooded capes that flared out at the back, or with sleeves that were significantly large.


Diamond patterns on bustiers and rows of braids that framed an open back were two examples of major decorations that were embroidered and played a significant role in the overall style.


The designer, who has her headquarters in Rabat, has stated that she clothes ladies for big events. She has described her namesake line as having “a certain rigour” in addition to its opulent character.


Her prior experience as an architect helped her to think about things from a variety of perspectives, which can be seen in the attention to detail on the clothes’ backs.


Chraibi commented after the show, “It’s like a building where you look at it from all sides,” and he was referring to the performance.


It was her second time participating as a guest on the Paris haute couture calendar, which comprises prominent luxury houses such as Chanel, Dior, and Giorgio Armani Prive.


Juana Martin, who is from Spain, and Imane Ayissi, who was born in Cameroon, were two of the other guest presenters during this season.

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