Loewe RTW Spring 2024

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You couldn’t miss the three Lynda Benglis fountains that director Jonathan Anderson brought together for the first time. The largest was tall and looming, the second seemed to be bursting with energy, and the third was low and spread out like an untrimmed bush. These man-made structures gave the water, a natural element, its shape and form in space.

In a similar way, but in reverse, the worn shapes that Anderson and his team at Loewe created for this collection showed the shape and look of the people wearing them. Anderson’s collection was the most reminiscent of tall towers of pockmarked cones in the middle of the runway. Anderson later said he wanted the collection to look like it was seen through a fish-eye lens from the ground, which is why he pulled the waistband of his pants up so high. Adding crystals to some of the looks that sparkled in the skylight sun made you think of another watery connection to Anderson’s placed art.

When not covered by long coats (in a technically amazing multi-sized herringbone) or two huge swatches (with huge pins) of what looked like chintzy vintage wall upholstery fabric, the looming silhouette was mostly unaffected and expressed in different ways. Sparkly polo shirts, chunky knits, argyle sweaters, trench coat shirts, and bonded gray rib knits with rounded shoulders or two-dimensional side-tabs were all cropped around the southern part of the wearer’s torso. Near the end, two leather jumpsuits, one red and the other black, mixed the shape of pants with the look of upholstery to make a new silhouette.

“It’s always about trying to find contradictions in men and women,” Anderson said later. “Like, how do you blur all of that? I feel like this is very clear about what it wants to say. It’s very simple and high-end. It was also very Anderson because it didn’t have any marks that could be used to identify it but had a clear design style.
Loewe, a Spanish luxury fashion brand, has been providing high-quality leather goods and luxury items since 1846. Founded by Enrique Loewe Roessberg, this company has since become internationally renowned for offering quality leather pieces and clothing collections.

Loewe has become the go-to brand when it comes to leather goods ranging from carrying bags, to belts, bags, wallets, eyewear and more. The company believes in keeping a classic design look without going too far, which can be seen in the timeless pieces that it has produced from season to season.

The brand’s ready to wear collections for men and women range from timeless classics to more contemporary items that draw inspiration from the brand’s signature style. Its clothing is high quality and versatile, designed to appeal to a range of styles and occasions. The attention to detail and quality of the fabrics used is evident in the clothing, giving an air of sophistication and modernity.

What makes Loewe stand out from other luxury fashion brands is that it offers unique product lines, including the ‘Anagram’ and the ‘AUDE I.’. These lines offer a modern, unconventional take on traditional classics, with bold colors, intricate details and contemporary shapes. The company also has a line of tailored suits and shirts, designed to give the wearer an elegant look that transcends fashion trends.

In addition to its clothing and leather goods, Loewe also produces a range of home and lifestyle products. From furniture to jewelry, aromatic candles to fragrances, Loewe’s products offer sophistication and elegance that are sure to enhance any home.

Loewe has established itself as a leader in Spanish luxury fashion. With quality, style and elegance as its cornerstone, this brand is sure to continue to make a lasting impression.

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