Juana Martin Haute Couture Collection Fall Winter 2023.24

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Haute Couture Collection by Juana Martin for the Fall and Winter of 2023.24

Juana Martin’s Fall Winter 2023 Couture Collection is an exploration of a journey from the depths of darkness to the light.


On Thursday, July 6th, during the just concluded Paris Fashion Week, Spanish fashion designer Juana Martin presented her Fall Winter 2023.24 Haute Couture Collection. The collection examines a journey from darkness to serenity, and it was unveiled during Paris Fashion Week. The collection, which was motivated by the time period after the Spanish Civil War, delves into the gloomy mood that pervaded the era. It goes beyond the feelings of devastation and profound melancholy to evoke the gradual emergence of peace and independence.


Every piece in the collection, from head to toe, has been painstakingly conceived with this captivating narrative in mind. Symbolic elements are used to adorn the appearance, such as the bull, which alludes to the tenacity and resilience of the Spanish people, and the eyes, which provide a subtle allusion to the fact that the government is always watching. The grasping hands that enclose the gowns are a metaphor of subjugation. Cubist and abstract art, both of which were movements that resisted the nationalism that was dominant during that time period, have had a significant impact on the collection. This well-known Spanish aesthetic style is represented visually by the use of predominantly white, black, grey, and silver tones, thus the colour palette was designed to pay homage to those hues.


Every single outfit in the collection has a cryptic name that makes a reference to one of the many social, cultural, or artistic movements that characterised this defining period in Spanish history. Some examples of these movements include rebirth, hope, and perseverance. The works that Juana Martin has contributed to this collection are not only aesthetically pleasing; rather, they go above aesthetic conventions to expose a profound emotional dimension. Each article of clothing carries with it a true live photograph that, behind its outward appearance, conveys an important story.The collection reaches its zenith in the shape of a colossal dove, which is a ubiquitous representation of peace and liberty all across the world. Juana Martin’s deep aspiration for profound tranquillity and harmony is expressed throughout this collection as it unfolds from the most recent look.

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