JISOO BAIK fall/winter couture collection 2023–2024

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JISOO BAIK  fall/winter couture collection 2023–2024. Under her namesake label, Jisoo Baik makes her long-awaited debut with a haute couture collection for fall/winter 23–24. This collection has been much anticipated. By conducting an in-depth analysis of renowned haute couture shapes, Baik investigates the dynamic nature of beauty, specifically what aspects of beauty are relegated to the past and what aspects have the ability to defy the passage of time. Baik manages to capture both the spirit of the past and the excitement of the future with her smart collection.


With this, her first collection, Baik forges a profound relationship with the lengthy and illustrious tradition of haute couture, all the while contributing her own unique voice to the ongoing discussion. She finds her inspiration in shapes and movements that have persisted over the decades, and then she painstakingly analyzes the persistent attractiveness of these motifs in order to reimagine them for the present period. Classical elements are prominent throughout the collection, which also manages to transition into a thoroughly modern one.


The unconventional pairing of delicate materials, such as exquisite lace and silk jersey, with Baik’s signature sculptural wirework is one of the defining characteristics of the inaugural collection that Baik is presenting for JISOO BAIK Fall Winter 2023. The cutting-edge structure enables the garments to function as both an item and as clothes at the same time. Each garment is able to maintain its mobility because to the structure and construction, which allows it to dance about the body in a reworking of the sculpted dress created by the couture company.


The collection’s duality, which includes both delicacy and weight, as well as shadow and light, is emphasized by the careful selection of both the palette and the textiles used. Each item creates a sense of conflict between the sensuality of the body and the protective barrier that is generated by the design itself in the same way as a second skin does.


Jisoo Baik is a Haute Couture company that was established in Paris and takes its namesake and namesake’s artistic vision as its inspiration.


Baik gave birth to her namesake label in 2023, motivated by the aspiration to investigate and develop the distinctive aesthetic expression that is uniquely hers. Baik is originally from South Korea, and she earned degrees in fashion design from two prestigious colleges, namely Central St. Martins and Institut Francais de la Mode, before developing her skills at high-end fashion businesses like as Balenciaga and Saint Laurent. Within the sphere of Haute Couture, she has established herself as an intriguing new force. Bjork, a pioneer in music and fashion, as well as Ariana Grande, a global phenomenon, have both been seen donning her creations.


Jisoo Baik’s artistic vision is driven by an intense need to share the experiences and perspectives of others via their work. Baik is able to expertly interpret feelings, memories, and experiences via the precisely created pieces that she creates. These works elicit a sense of personal connection since they are the result of building meaningful relationships between individuals and carefully picked things.

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