Givenchy Resort 2024

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The house of Hubert de Givenchy did create menswear throughout the time of its creator, despite the fact that it was relatively unknown. The personal personality of Hubert himself had a significant impact on the menswear that he designed for Givenchy, just as it does now with Givenchy’s current creative director.


Givenchy’s tradition is considered to be in the pantheon of the industry when it comes to womenswear. And Matthew M. Williams has recently been much more engaged with the particular archival codes of his original predecessor, which demonstrates both wisdom and good judgement. This resort had a number of sweetly coloured evening gowns that were draped beautifully and precisely, and they were all in pastel hues. In addition to these riffs on Hubert’s classical and often very basic feminine shapes from the middle of the 20th century, which were realised in fabrics from the new century, modern accessories such as Voyou bags and footwear such as Cowboy Shark boots were added. This combo gave the idea of a type of stylish time travel: Audrey Hepburn dressed in a Tik Tok designed by Alfred Hitchcock.


In other scenes, Williams devised his own elevated version of the California work/skate/grunge look for women’s clothing by layering riveted construction denim below antique snow leopard relief outerwear and shaggy Afghan-esque coats over stirruped post-Skis fitting slacks. Unstructured yet tight tailoring in silk twill, as well as stiffer, collarless satin-darted coats, contributed an aspect that was recognizable as menswear or formal attire and was referential rather than reverential.


To satisfy Williams’s drive to provide Givenchy consumers an exceptionally deliberate (at least in luxury) array of wardrobing possibilities, the items in the lookbook were built on top of a huge swath of meticulously created offers in jersey and cashmere. Williams is still trying to find his footing as he strives to fill Hubert’s enormous shoes, particularly when it comes to the design of womenswear.

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