GAURAV GUPTA Couture Fall 2023

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In his Fall 2023 collection, GAURAV GUPTA draws inspiration from Vedic philosophy.

This is the Indian fashion designer’s second haute couture show to be held in the French capital.


For his second haute couture presentation in Paris, Gaurav Gupta developed a collection for Fall 2023 that was inspired by the Hiranyagarbha. According to Vedic tradition, the Hiranyagarbha was the source of the creation of the cosmos.


Gupta revealed this information in an Instagram video that was released before the launch of the collection on the runway. She stated that “according to the most ancient Indian scriptures, the Vedas, this is where everything started.” It is the beginning of everything, the commencement point, and the brightness of gold. What thrills me the most about creativity is its unadulterated simplicity. 


Gupta has stated in the past to Fashionista that he considers himself to be a conceptual mind. His first haute couture collection was centred on the idea of zero and numerology. The beautiful aspect of the Hiranyagarbha is translated into each design for the Fall 2023 collection through curves and flourishes, and more literally through the usage of golden thread throughout. The collection stays loyal to the style that Gupta has created over the years, which is sculptural, voluminous, and dramatic. At the same time, the collection mirrors aspects of the universe, such as draping and curves that conjure thoughts of the rings around a planet or decorations that resemble cosmic dust.


Ivory, eggshell, deep brown, lime, and a rich green are the only colours that are used in the colour palette, which is constrained. The same may be said for the accessories. The emphasis is solely placed on the garments that are being worn. 

This collection stands out from the others during a couture season that is full with garments that are meant for the daily because each look in the collection is a piece of art that requires the person who wears it to be a part of the performance. 

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