Ferragamo Resort 2024 Collection

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It would appear that the dynamics of close-knit families are a fascinating reference for Maximilian Davis, who is the creative director of Ferragamo. It is a notion that hits close to home for me, coming from a family with Trinidadian and Jamaican ancestry and now working for the wider Ferragamo tribe. “I was looking at Italian families, the pieces a family would wear that can be passed down generations,” he said during a showroom appointment. “I was looking at pieces that a family would wear that can be passed down generations.”


In addition, the manner in which Milanese people dress has left an influence on him. “When I moved here, I was amazed at the sophistication of how people present themselves even in public places such as the street, at work, or at home.” It was once stated by a friend that Milanese ladies dress like men during the day and like sirens after the sun goes down. Davis was undoubtedly attuned to the air of understated elegance, but he was also sensitive to the obliquely alluring quality that was present. His contribution to the current iteration of Ferragamo is a kind of rigorist sensualism, which centres on precise, contemporary tailoring that is imbued with an air of luxurious luxury.


Davis has a fondness for the label’s timeless codes, which he is enhancing with clarity and edge while relying on the house’s expertise and the resources it can supply for high-end execution. The fact that fashion temperatures have recently been dropped to the chilly weather associated with minimalism appears to also work in favour of his Ferragamo treatment.


His tailoring for resort wear was either trim and straight-cut or nip-waisted and sculpted, and it was supported by compact fabrications. One piece of outerwear that particularly stood out was a black city coat with powerful shoulders but an hourglass shape. It had Davis’s typical askew buttoning, and although it seemed velvety and smooth to the touch, it was actually made of flocked denim. It was designed to appeal to both men and women, much like the collection’s other essential items.


The objective of the designer is to give a more fashionable air to something that is sporty. For example, a traditional flight jacket was given an updated look by adding a round, mid-century couture–inspired volume to it. This jacket was then paired with a midi A-line skirt to create a type of new template for a skirt suit. The sensual touch that Davis frequently adds to sleek, linear structures was enhanced with shape-holding yet silky nubuck leather in a subtle shade of caramel.


Davis presented cocoon-shaped hoodies and batwing-sleeve cropped blousons as part of his argument for a Ferragamo wardrobe for the hip younger members of the family. The ultra-short shorts that were worn with the garments suggested provocation, despite the fact that they were made from natté wool with a rich feel.


The subtle “perverse undertones,” as Davis refers to them, that he adds to his collections are what make Davis’s approach distinctive. In this section, several of the outfits included a fetishistic edge thanks to the addition of sparkling black patent leather stretch boots with a curved high heel. “In every family there are taboos,” he explained. There is no question about it.

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