Fendi Fall 2023 Couture

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The creative chemistry that exists between Kim Jones and Delfina Delletrez was the driving force behind the Fendi haute couture show that Kim Jones directed. He remarked, “I started by looking at Delfina’s Fendi high jewellery, which she’s done for the first time.” “I started by looking at Delfina’s Fendi high jewellery.” He went on to say that his palette developed “almost organically,” with colours and embroideries centred around the colours of real stones such as rubies and sapphires. “The idea is that the silhouette is ‘nothing,’ but at the same time it is everything,” the artist explained.


If there is a need for modest, grown-up luxury evening wear right now — which seems like a fitting tone for the times — then Jones’s vision for Fendi haute couture is focused at filling that void. The style that he has built is predicated on draped and wrapped forms; it is a combination of the minimalist aesthetics of the 1990s and echoes of the sculpture of ancient Rome, which is where Fendi is founded. This year’s rendition served as Delletrez’s canvas for the introduction of his 30-piece collection of Fendi precious gems.


The models strolled around a quadrangle with a marble floor, which was a scenographic representation of the headquarters of Fendi in Rome. The majority of women were carrying miniature rectangular leather jewellery boxes, which were designed to seem like Fendi handbags. Earlier on, Delletrez had been present, and she and Jones had been working together to style the notion as Delletrez’s mother, Silvia Venturini, watched.


Her necklaces, brooches, and earrings all featured striking diamond accents that sparkled brightly on the runway. She stated that everything is extremely fluid while demonstrating how she produced draping, asymmetrical forms studded with pink spinels and yellow diamonds. She also cleverly included small geometric variations on the Fendi mark. “Everything is very fluid,” she said. Jones said that it was a pleasant experience to work on the jewellery initially.


Even before the exhibition began, customers were forming lines to inspect Delletrez’s jewellery in the same location where Jones was doing fittings for her couture designs. “This is not something you would normally find, but here at Fendi, we all work together.”


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