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Christopher John Rogers’ once-a-year fashion show caused quite a stir in June of the previous year, and it was largely due to the success of this event. This time, he moved it ahead to the final Saturday in April, hoping to capitalise on the excitement that is often associated with the Met Gala. The location at the Brooklyn Navy Yard was the opening event of a lengthy night of fashion events, which also featured his own after-party at the Standard Hotel and a Gucci bash with a DJ set by Idris Elba. The event was held at the Brooklyn Navy Yard. Friends and other designers like Hillary Taymour and Willie Norris came out to show their support for the designer. Quinta Brunson, Teyana Taylor, and Ashley Graham were spotted in the crowd wearing some of his designs.


Rogers has triumphed over the epidemic to become one of the most successful designers working in New York’s younger generation. He’s established strong, distinct characteristics in his rainbow stripes and grids of bright polka dots, which is a key part of brand creation that not all up-and-coming artists understand or are capable of. Another characteristic that sets him apart from others is the refined and well-put-together gloss of his attire. A significant number of his contemporaries engage in fashion that is grungier, filthier, and more subterranean. He dresses actresses such as Viola Davis, Tessa Thompson, and Jodie Turner-Smith in evening gowns on the red carpet.


So why did Rogers seem a little down on the profession of fashion designer during a call that took place in the lead-up to the show? He complained about there not being enough time in the design studio. He added, “I love being with a model and draping, or doing research, or really thinking about fit, about fabric, about texture,” but he felt that only 10 to 15% of what he did was actually producing clothing. “I feel like only 10 to 15% of what I do is making clothes.” “In some ways, this collection was inspired by the desire to return to that fundamental sensation,” the designer said.


The first outfit had a sleeveless top and a ball skirt, which alluded to a new course of action. The fact that they were all white was the first red flag, followed by the fact that their construction was crooked and incomplete; yet, these were all just distractions. Rogers did not take long to rediscover his trademark vivacious colour and unabashed joy, but once he did, he was unrecognisable. The graphic stripes for which he is known were joined by similarly daring florals in the vein of Warhol’s daisies; a pair of evening dresses in black-and-white polka dots of varying sizes and overlays, both of which are definitely headed for the red carpet; and going-out tops constructed like oversize birthday present bows.


Knits are a solid seller for Rogers, as evidenced by the fact that a significant number of customers wore them yesterday night. This season, he experimented with chunky yarns and thick, comfortable layers as well as fine gauges; yet, he dressed them in such a way that a flash of décoletté or midriff was shown in each instance. On the other end of the textural range was a beautiful fitting button-down shirt paired with a long skirt that matched, as well as a pantsuit made of a glossy material that he compared to Glad garbage bags. “It’s this really amazing fabric that’s actually coated taffeta,” he added. “It’s absolutely breathtaking.” At the end of the show, there was a collection of black outfits, including a panniered ball skirt and a draped top that had the same sense of romanticism as the first costume.


The more successful Rogers’ company becomes, the more demands and duties it will place on him, which will prevent him from spending as much time as he would want in the design studio. The business has a reputation for being particularly harsh on bright newbies, placing them in a box while simultaneously demanding that they expand and develop. But if there is one thing that Rogers’ draped top and ball skirt can tell us, it is that he is just as dedicated to the dream of creation as he has ever been.

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