Christian Dior Fall 2023 Couture Collection

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On the Christian Dior runway, a visually relaxing mood was created by the procession of 66 contemporary goddesses, each of whom was dressed in her own distinctive floor-length silhouette. It brought together for Maria Grazia Chiuri the tremendous simplicity of Greek and Roman antiquity — the ancient culture she was brought up amongst in Rome — with her views on how ‘classicism’ might be rendered eternally contemporary via Dior’s haute couture. Chiuri is the creative director of Dior Haute Couture.


On the one hand, there was a spotless minimalism, which included colossal and sculpted capes, gowns with vertical pleats that echoed Doric columns, and the clean, long lines of architectural tunics. And on the other side, there were exquisite vestal-virgin shifts, nymph-like gowns, gilded lace, lattice work embroideries, and minute edgings of pearl beads.


Of course, the term “classicism” carries a different connotation at the house of Christian Dior. A significant part was also played by Chiuri’s interpretation of the Dior suit’s illustrious history. She paid homage to it by wearing jackets over long skirts and dresses that matched, removing the padding and peplums, and replacing the overly dressed-up formality with an ageless and succinctly contemporary sense of style.


It is not difficult to envision how haute couture customers from every culture in which Dior has a presence will be drawn to this collection because of its ability to be both large and understated, modern and intricate, light and substantial. This is due to the fact that the hard-working Chiuri has completed her assignments. Her travels over the past several years have been absolutely mind-boggling, since she has visited a mind-boggling number of nations and continents. This program may have been based in Paris, but it will have the ability to communicate to women all across the world regardless of where they are located.

The Collection

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