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Jakob Schlaepfer was in charge of powering the AZ Factory Couture Fall Winter 2023 Collection With Lora Sonney Presentation.


AZ Factory is pleased to share the news that Lora Sonney has joined their ranks as the newest Amigo. AZ Factory is sponsoring a young and brilliant newcomer once again at the Paris Fashion Week Haute Couture, with the goal of fostering a conversation between newer generations and the traditions of couture, as well as investigating the ideas of limited edition and customization.


AZ Factory is happy to welcome Lora Sonney, who just graduated from the Master Program at Geneva’s Head in 2021 and was a finalist at Hyeres 2022. Her arrival follows in the footsteps of Cyril Bourez from the previous year and Tennessy Thoreson from the previous January. The AZ Factory Team has been thoroughly captivated and won over by her multi-category approach, mastery of textile processes, acute vision for developing a fully-defined style, work on sustainability, and new material innovations.


The utilitarian clothing that is close to nature has long been an inspiration for Lora Sonney’s design vision, and this has been transformed into the concept of a second skin. The codes that were taken from nature are stunning, but they also cause disruption. An unexpected interaction is created between the ruffled volumes that are characteristic of AZ Factory and the trademark textures and prints of Lora Sonney.


Lora made the decision to collaborate with Maison Jackob Schlaepfer, a well-known Swiss textile producer, in order to bring her style and ideas to the level of haute couture and take use of the endless possibilities.

The Collection

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