ArdAzAei Fall Winter 2023-2024 Haute Couture

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Bahareh Ardakani, the brand’s creator and creative director, emerged as a rising star in the fashion business with the debut of the ArdAzAei Fall Winter 2023-2024 Haute Couture collection. The show was a part of the ArdAzAei Haute Couture collection. The sculptural creations of Ardakani attracted the attention of both the fashion elite and celebrity fans who were in attendance at the show. Notable personalities such as Lisa Rinna and Fan Bingbing were seated in the front row. The collection, which Ardakani titled “The Diffraction of Light,” was meant to display the designer’s investigation of gemology as well as her symbolic interpretation of the underlying mechanisms that enlighten the world of couture.


Even though whimsical details like giant bows and ruffles were incorporated into some of Ardakani’s designs, the emphasis on structure was always front and centre in her work. The most striking looks from the collection were created when structure was given the spotlight, whether it was accomplished through precise tailoring or the delicate interplay of pleating and embroidery. The first piece, which featured a high neckline, powerful shoulders, and a draped straight skirt, established the tone for the rest of the show. Another piece that really stood out was a dress that clung closely to the body and had thin straps that were embellished with embroidered metal beads that looked like tiny chains. It was clear that Ardakani paid careful attention to the details when he designed a slim-fitting suit out of silk, cotton, and Lurex jacquard. The suit had a geometric pattern that was inspired by the atomic structure of beryls.


A beautiful high-neck gown was the product of Ardakani’s cooperation with folding artist Joan Sallas and the artisans of Chanel’s Atelier Lognon, a pleating expert owned by the luxury fashion house. A stunning visual spectacle was created by the gown thanks to the utilisation of geometric pleating and shiny Lurex. As the model walked, the garment took on a new vibrancy thanks to the teamwork, which was a perfect example of the marriage of artistic expression with motion.


In spite of the fact that Ardakani’s designs highlighted science and textile engineering, she maintained her dedication to the poetic quality of the fashion industry. The designer stated that she intends to use a method that is cautious and deliberate, concentrating on both couture and environmentally friendly ready-to-wear innovations simultaneously. As part of her efforts to reduce her environmental impact, Ardakani shared the news that one-fourth of her autumn collections had been designed using materials that were compliant with the Global Organic Textile Standard. This highlighted her dedication to the use of ethically sourced materials in the fashion industry.


The crowd was particularly enthralled by Ardakani’s ability to work poetry into the fabric of the garments she was creating. Her ability to shape fabrics into ethereal shapes was illustrative of both her creative vision and her command of her trade. Each piece of clothing emanated an air of craftsmanship, fusing originality and technological prowess in a seamless manner.

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