Alessandra Rich FALL 2023 READY-TO-WEAR

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At the Paris offices of Sotheby’s, Alessandra Rich presented her autumn collection. The space that is often used for auctions was transformed into a white-walled, minimalist salon de couture for the occasion. After Maxim’s had a sumptuous baroque setting and a louche ambience during the previous season, she desired for the atmosphere to be lighter and brighter this time around.


Rich like it when ladies are flirtatious, seductive, and mischievous without feeling any remorse. The presentation consisted of a parade of her favourite characters, changing from bon ton dames playing ingenue while wearing pleated shirt dresses decorated with small flowers and voluptuous vixens flashing tight underwear slips and lacy bralettes in see-through lace. The show was spectacular.


Corsets with velvet bows were paired with tight-fitting frocks that alternated with romantic dresses with bias cuts and ruched necks. Lace stockings with garters and leotards in flexible see-through lace, both of which left very little to the imagination, were worn in contrast to enormous, masculine greatcoats and shapely tweed suits. It appeared that there was no way to bridge the gap between the proper manners of an afternoon tea and the boudoir.


Backstage, Rich was quoted as saying, “It’s all about having fun and playing overtly with all of the stereotypes of seductive femininity.” “Not taking oneself too seriously and acting in a lighthearted manner. The ability to make others laugh may be quite seductive.

The Collection

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