Spotlight on Paris Fashion Week: Undercover, Rochas, Cecilie Bahnsen, and Acne Studios

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The hypnotic presentations and groundbreaking creations of Paris Fashion Week have once again mesmerized the world of fashion. Undercover, Cecilie Bahnsen, Acne Studios, and Rochas were some of the standout presentations, shining a light on the runway with their own unique views and incredible creativity. We highlight these prestigious fashion houses and what they brought to the legendary Paris Fashion Week show in this post.

Undercover, created by Jun Takahashi of Japan, was a daring and provocative show that stole the show at Paris Fashion Week. By referencing underground music, art, and subcultures, Undercover’s collection shattered preconceptions and provoked debates about what was considered “normal” in the fashion industry. Undercover has a knack for invention and a daring attitude to creativity, which is why it keeps captivating viewers with its edgy look.

Undercover, Fall/Winter 2024-25 – ©Launchmetrics/spotlight

Rochas, a name that has come to represent refinement and class, unveiled a collection that radiates classic good taste and expert construction. Rochas’ designs exemplified subtle opulence and carefree glitz, drawing inspiration from classic forms and Parisian flair. Every piece, from loose-fitting dresses to sharply fitted separates, showcased Rochas’s trademark exquisite taste and meticulous craftsmanship. At Paris Fashion Week, Rochas proved once again that it is a leader in high-end, discerning fashion by paying homage to its past while also embracing its contemporary side.

Rochas, Fall/Winter 2024-25

The stunning collection by Cecilie Bahnsen captivated viewers at Paris Fashion Week. Bahnsen is renowned for her ethereal style and minimalist sensibilities. The combination of delicate fabrics, sculptural forms, and exceptional craftsmanship in Bahnsen’s designs created a sense of otherworldly beauty and subtle elegance. The Scandinavian heritage that Bahnsen drew upon gave her collection an air of innocence and tranquility, which captivated observers with its understated elegance and lyrical charm.

Cecilie Bahnsen, Fall/Winter 2024-25 – ©Launchmetrics/spotlight

The pinnacle of modern cool, Acne Studios, offered a mashup of street culture, art, and fashion to Paris Fashion Week. The collection by Acne Studios, known for its irreverence and sophistication, reverberated with creative eclecticism and urban vigor. Every outfit had an air of carefree cool and urban edge, thanks to the oversized cuts and surprising color and texture combinations. Acne Studios, which has both Swedish and international roots, has once again proven itself to be an innovator in the world of modern fashion.

Finally, as always, Paris Fashion Week was a spectacular display of originality, style, and ingenuity. Every designer that emerged this season—from Undercover’s bold designs to Rochas’s classic elegance, Cecilie Bahnsen’s ethereal beauty to Acne Studios’ urban cool—brought something special to the fashion industry. Paris Fashion Week is still an essential venue for recognizing the limitless potential of design and the timeless charm of haute couture as the fashion industry anticipates the following phase of creativity and inspiration.

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