Simons Opens New Store in Halifax, Nova Scotia

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Simons Opens New Store in Halifax: Simons, a Canadian retailer, has expanded its footprint across the country and has now arrived in the Maritimes with the announcement of the inauguration of its 17th store in Halifax, Nova Scotia, on Thursday.

The new 56,000 square foot site, which is part of the Halifax Shopping Centre, is a $20 million investment that has the added benefit of creating 150 new jobs for the region.

Joining the Halifax community and establishing ourselves in this inviting, exciting, and ever-changing market is an absolute delight. A member of Simons’ executive team is standing by to greet Maritimers, and the company’s president and CEO, Bernard Leblanc, expressed confidence that Simons Halifax will grow into a major hub where clients can find innovative goods.

The new store’s design features an artistic, historical, and contemporary fusion, and it was created in conjunction with the architectural and design firms LemayMichaud and McKinley Studios.

Each section of the store is named after a different Canadian city or region, taking design cues from Canada’s many landscapes: the Rockies, the Prairies, the Arctic, the Great Lakes, Downtown Toronto, Old Montreal, the Maritimes, and the Pacific Coast. At the same time, the outside facade depicts components that are reminiscent of the famous sails of the Nova Scotian schooner, The Bluenose, which pays tribute to Halifax’s extensive nautical history.

Alyssa Doggett of Nova Scotia painted Peggy’s Cove, and Andrea Tsang Jackson of the Prairies created textile art; the room is completed by a carefully chosen assortment of pieces by local artists. A 3D-printed bust of every Simons client in the nation can be found at the Halifax store, as is Douglas Coupland’s National Portrait, an artwork created in Vancouver.

The store offers a curated selection of national and international brands in addition to Simons’s unique collections such as Twik, Icône, Contemporaine, Miiyu, Le 31, Djab, i.FiV5, and Simons Maison.

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