Sephora announces the launch of its new eco-friendly labels

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Sephora announces the launch: The global launch of its two innovative eco-responsibility marks, “Clean at Sephora” and “Planet Aware at Sephora,” caused quite a stir at the Change Now international exposition for ecological transition, which took place at the Grand Palais Éphémère in Paris from March 25 to 27, thanks to Sephora’s announcement.

These two labels will be available to customers in April both online and in Sephora shops across the world. They include information about the ingredients, formulas, and environmental initiatives of the partner brands of Sephora.

Product lines that have pledged to not include sulphates, mineral oils, or benzophenones under the “Clean at Sephora” banner are available to shoppers. One hundred thirty-three businesses throughout the world have already achieved this benchmark, which was created in tandem with scientists and environmentalists. Some well-known companies that fit this description are Ilia, Drunk Elephant, Gisou, Haus Labs, and Fenty Skin.

But you may find eco-conscious companies under the “Planet Aware at Sephora” banner. The 32 requirements that firms must fulfil in order to get this designation include things like using less packaging, getting their ingredients from sustainable sources, and being good stewards of biodiversity and animals. At this time, forty of the brands sold by Sephora around the world have successfully passed these tests. Glow Recipe and Unbottled, a French brand, are two of 39 brands that fulfil the criteria for both labels.

Helping partner brands become “Clean at Sephora” and “Planet Aware at Sephora” compliant is a top priority for Sephora. The business provides interested brands with a self-assessment tool via its partnership with Novi Connect, a technology provider. By using this tool, they can compare their products to the specifications laid out by “Planet Aware at Sephora” and the component lists supplied by “Clean at Sephora.”

These labels are an expansion of Sephora’s previous sustainability initiatives. “Good for a better planet” denotes products with eco-designed packaging or made from sustainable materials, while “Good for you” indicates products with formulations having at least 90% natural components. These labels were introduced by the company in 2020. Adding the “Clean at Sephora” and “Planet Aware at Sephora” badges is part of Sephora’s effort to be more upfront and honest with its customers about the products they sell.

The cosmetics sector may look forward to a brighter, more sustainable future thanks to these efforts. Sephora is reiterating its dedication to environmental responsibility and customer wellness by aiming to introduce the labels to all areas by the end of 2024 and to China by 2025.

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