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Saks expands brand ambassador: Despite their seemingly disparate backgrounds, Paris Hilton, Chanel Iman, Shareef O’Neal (basketball), and astronaut Amanda Nyguen (Time Woman of the Year 2022) all share a unique privilege: they are all esteemed members of the exclusive Saks Social Club. Since its 2020 launch, this club has successfully reached out to a large segment of Saks’ clientele by utilizing the profiles of its prominent and powerful members.

 Stylish “friends of the brand” played a significant role in molding consumer perceptions before the rise of social media, which is where the idea for the Saks Social Club originated. But in the modern world, the club expertly combines this heritage with the reach of social media, connecting with customers who value authenticity and giving a platform to reliable opinions. Saks’ VP of client engagement Mariel Sholem discusses the program’s development and its effect on the Saks brand.

 In its first year, the club welcomed 35 prominent women; however, in the four years after, its membership has grown substantially. In 2023, Saks expanded the program’s reach to encompass more than 80 cultural giants and tastemakers with the introduction of ‘The Saks Man,’ signifying the importance of the men’s section. These brand ambassadors, who represent Saks’ high-end identity, can be anybody from well-known celebrities to influential members of local communities, providing unique opportunities for interaction and inspiration.

 Join the Saks Social Club, where members can participate in exclusive campaigns, attend high-profile events, engage in social media partnerships, and collaborate on charitable initiatives. As in-person events return, you’ll have the opportunity to network with like-minded individuals and industry leaders. The club’s dedication to meaningful partnerships that align with societal values and member interests is demonstrated by recent efforts, like the Mental Health Awareness Month campaign with Dr. Deepika Chopra.

 Partners work together on more than just charitable projects; they also create one-of-a-kind lifestyle experiences for members based on their own interests. There are a plethora of chances for members to interact with the Saks brand and one another through the club, including book launch parties and exclusive designer events.

 The Saks Social Club values engagement with diverse populations, social activity, and a distinct voice. These are the selection criteria for the program, ensuring a vibrant and inclusive community. The diverse roster of members reflects this commitment; they represent a wide range of professions and backgrounds, all of which contribute to the unique spirit of the Saks brand.

 Notable members include Chloe Fineman (Saturday Night Live), Ashley Avignone (fashion expert), Flaviana Matata (philanthropist), and Leyna Bloom (activist), among many more. The 2024 class is even more diverse and influential, with new members like model Emily DiDonato and actress Francesca Scorsese, inspiring and connecting with each other in this unique community.

 Whether you’re in a developing market like Dallas or Miami, or a major fashion city like New York or Los Angeles, the Saks Social Club has members all around the world. Customers get an inside look at the lives of Saks’ members through virtual segments hosted on the retailer’s digital channels; these segments also serve to inspire and educate consumers on current trends and items.

 Continuing its dedication to cultivating meaningful relationships with clients and serving as a symbol of inspiration in the luxury scene, Saks intends to honor its members with a special dinner in New York City in the near future. By launching programs like Saks Live and maintaining active relationships with its valued members, Saks demonstrates its commitment to providing customers with unmatched luxury experiences and fostering meaningful connections with them.

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