Rowing Blazers announces new CEO as it plans to expand

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Rowing Blazers announces new CEO: Laura Willensky, a seasoned professional with a wealth of experience from esteemed fashion companies like Madewell and J Crew, has been appointed as the new CEO of Rowing Blazers. In this strategic transition, Willensky will spearhead operational expansion while Founder Jack Carlson continues in his role as Creative Director, affording Carlson more freedom in shaping the brand’s design philosophy.

 Under Willensky’s guidance, the Rowing Blazers will undergo significant alterations following Burch Creative Capital’s recent acquisition of the brand.

 Allow me to introduce Laura Willensky, a seasoned professional with a remarkable track record in the fashion and leisure industry. Her extensive experience in driving brand strategy and commercial success, gained from critical positions at J Crew, Talbots, Away, and Victoria’s Secret Beauty, is a testament to her exceptional capabilities. Her innate ability to transform products from their inception to national recognition, as demonstrated in her work with renowned labels like Madewell and Janie & Jack, instills a sense of confidence in her leadership.

 Under Willensky’s leadership, Rowing Blazers is poised for a transformative journey. Her specific goal for the company is to boost revenue by introducing innovative products and delivering superior service. Her ambitious plans to explore untapped product categories and market niches herald an exhilarating new phase in Rowing Blazers’ growth, sparking excitement for the future.

 Rowing Blazers, a global fashion icon since 2017, is renowned for its playful interpretations of traditional American and British fashions. Its standing in the fashion industry has been further solidified through collaborations with prestigious brands such as Gucci, Target, and TAG Heuer, a testament to its quality and appeal. This rich history and strong partnerships should make us all proud and reassured of the company’s future under Willensky’s leadership.

 According to Chris Burch, the innovator behind Burch Creative Capital, Willensky has the ability to revolutionize the Rowing Blazers’ community and commercial scene. Under Willensky’s leadership, Rowing Blazers is set to see phenomenal growth thanks to its ambitious expansion plans. These plans include a stronger emphasis on women’s fashion, a wider range of products, and improved distribution channels.

 The investment in Rowing Blazers by Burch Creative Capital is in line with the firm’s investment strategy, which aims to use Willensky’s knowledge to propel the fashion industry toward long-term success and innovation. With the recruitment of Willensky and Grant Simm as CFO, Burch Creative Capital has shown its dedication to strengthening Rowing Blazers’ executive team and driving company growth.

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