Moncler takes Milan’s Central Station by storm, transforming it into a gallery for Design Week

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Moncler takes Milan’s Central Station by storm: Taking over Milan’s main train station, Stazione Centrale, from April 15th to the 21st, Moncler is poised to make a major splash during Design Week. The Italian high-end down jacket manufacturer is absolutely blowing the roof off this legendary spot, turning it into an enormous gallery space that will feature an immersive show called “An Invitation to Dream.”

The landmark structure, which has stood since the 1930s and is visited by around 300,000 people every day, will be transformed into a generous public art space for the very first time. Notably, the station and Moncler have a relationship; in February 2019, the first display of Moncler’s “Genius” project—which brought together a varied group of designers—was held in one of the station’s warehouses.

The forthcoming show will make use of the station‘s various kinds of media; according to a press release from Moncler, “all the station’s advertising panels and screens will be interconnected to form an imaginary landscape.” Amidst the busy atmosphere of the station, texts, images, and portraits will stand out, acting as powerful silent invocations that encourage people to pursue their aspirations.

British photographer Jack Davison’s striking black and white lithographs are on display at this show, which was conceptualized by Jefferson Hack, co-founder of the famous British fashion magazine Dazed. Remo Ruffini, CEO of Moncler, American artist Daniel Arsham, Deepak Chopra, MD, author of Indian origin, Isamaya Ffrench, a British cosmetics artist, and Laila Gohar, an Egyptian culinary creative, are just a few of the notable figures portrayed in these fascinating photographs.

American playwright Jeremy O. Harris, English prima ballerina Francesca Hayward, Julianknxx, an interdisciplinary artist from Sierra Leone, Ruth Rogers, an English chef, Rina Sawayama, a vocalist from Anglo-Japanese descent, Sumayya Vally, an architect from South Africa, and Zaya are among the individuals featured in the project.

“In this endeavor, we have gathered some of the most innovative creative minds who dare to dream,” Jefferson Hack said, providing more context for the project. Their art offers fresh viewpoints and opportunities, which is why we have invited these influential figures from modern society to take part. Later on, “An Invitation to Dream” will be the center of an international campaign that highlights the reach of imagination and creativity.

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