Marta Ortega Foundation’s Cultural Residency at Port of A Coruña Extended for 6 Years

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Marta Ortega Foundation’s Cultural Residency: The unwavering dedication of the Marta Ortega Foundation will ensure that the Port of A Coruña’s cultural environment thrives in the coming years. A freshly awarded land concession by the Port Authority of A Coruña will ensure that the Foundation’s imprint at the Muelle de Batería remains firmly established, as was officially certified on Thursday, May 16, by the renowned Official State Gazette (BOE).

 The Foundation recently acquired a Coruña, Muelle de Batería, prime real estate measuring around 13,600 square meters, which bodes well for its future endeavors. Given the six-year concession period, which can be extended up to nine years, the Foundation is well-positioned to foster diverse cultural initiatives in this area.

Marta Ortega Pérez, founder and president of the MOP Foundation – DR

 The idea for this project came in January when the Marta Ortega Foundation formally requested the opportunity to organize cultural events in the port precincts, continuing its tradition of presenting prestigious exhibitions. Notable exhibitions have been held here, including those showcasing the works of Helmut Newton, Steven Meisel, and Peter Lindbergh; on May 1, the latter’s exhibition will conclude.

 A bespoke bookstore specialized in photography, fashion, and design will be inaugurated at the same time as the Foundation’s enthralling photographic exhibition named ‘Future Stories’ within the silo, which will take place in the interim period until the next extensive exhibition. This strategic step demonstrates the Foundation’s steadfast dedication to encouraging artistic discourse and cultural involvement.

 The Marta Ortega Foundation is a private, non-profit organization founded in April 2022. Its noble purpose is to support and spread culture, art, literature, and audiovisual arts, particularly photography. In addition, the Foundation’s goal is to promote A Coruña, the home of the Inditex company and its offices in Arteixo, by encouraging international interactions and cross-cultural understanding. At the same time, it hopes to bring a variety of global influences to the Galician city, enriching its cultural fabric. This is why the Foundation runs several cultural programs and educational projects to help develop young photographers’ skills.

 The offices of the Marta Ortega Foundation, situated in the lively port area of A Coruña, are in the center of this cultural revival. The Foundation’s offices, created by the innovative architect Elsa Urquijo, born in Coruña, represent a perfect fusion of modern industrial style with cultural vitality. The site radiates creative energy with its large industrial-style building and its carefully refurbished silos that have been turned into lively centers of cultural exchange.

 Marta Ortega is deeply committed to promoting cultural enrichment; she is not only the non-executive president of the fashion giant Inditex but also the president and founder of the eponymous Foundation. With his extensive background working for the Inditex group, especially at the Zara chain, Carlos Torretta Echevarría, married to Marta Ortega, takes on the position of vice president.

 The artistic expression, intellectual interchange, and cross-cultural discussion that the Marta Ortega Foundation’s long-term presence at the Port of A Coruña promises will be a part of the city’s cultural story for many years. The Foundation is well-positioned to make a lasting impact on the artistic scene of A Coruña and beyond as it keeps exploring new territories and fostering innovative partnerships.

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