Loewe Foundation Craft Prize for 2024 goes to Andrés Anza

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 The painting “I only know what I have seen” by Mexican artist Andrés Anza has won the Loewe Foundation Craft Prize for 2024.”Out of thirty finalists, Anza was chosen by a jury of esteemed individuals from design, architecture, journalism, criticism, and museum curating. These jurors were Magdalene Odundo, Minsuk Cho, Olivier Gabet, and Abraham Thomas. The selection process was thorough and precise.

 This year’s Loewe prize focused on organic and biomorphic forms, encouraging artists to test the physical limits of materials. A number of the pieces that made it to the final round highlighted creative uses of repurposed or discovered objects, demonstrating how the ordinary can undergo transformation.

Miki Asai – Loewe

 From May 15 until June 9, 2024, visitors to the Palais de Tokyo in Paris can marvel at the jaw-dropping works of art created by all thirty finalists. The exhibition, which includes an exhibition catalog detailing the fascinating history of each item, is also viewable online, so art lovers worldwide may witness the breathtaking craftsmanship for themselves.

 Loewe claims that Anza’s life-size ceramic sculpture won the competition and has an enchanting and almost conscious presence in the gallery. Using thousands of tiny ceramic protrusions, Anz

a painstakingly created humanoid form that teeters on the edge of figuration and abstraction.


The jury gave three artists special honors for their outstanding work along with Anza’s victory. “Still life,” by Japanese artist Miki Asai, is a captivating display of three sculptural rings highlighting Asia’s exquisite lacquer and eggshell work. “Coffee Table Comme un lego,” created by the inventive Frenchman Emmanuel Boos from 98 hollow porcelain blocks, was much praised. In conclusion, the Korean artist Heechan Kim was highly regarded for his sculptural boat “#16,” which he created using age-old methods of boatbuilding that included ash and copper wire.


Created by Jonathan Anderson, creative director of Loewe, the annual craft prize has been shining a light on quality since its start in 2016. It celebrates artistic value, innovation, and the lasting importance of craftsmanship in modern culture. The prize highlights the significant role of craft in defining our shared cultural landscape by recognizing working artists’ efforts and achievements.

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