Levi’s Launches ‘NextGen’ Store in Kyoto, Japan

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Levi’s Launches ‘NextGen’ Store: Opening its NextGen store model to clients in Japan, Levi’s flagship store in Kyoto has reopened, according to the company.



The renovated store, which is located in the Teramachi Kyogoku retail area, is four stories tall and 570 square meters in area, a considerable increase over its previous 250.8 square meters on the ground level.

The Levi’s Tailor Shop, located on the ground floor of the Kyoto shop, offers customisation, restoration, and alteration services, emphasizing the brand’s spirit of self-expression.

An assortment of personalization options, including embroidery, patches, pins, and fabric paneling, are available to customers when they purchase Levi’s garments. Unique to this Kyoto shop are the unusual materials purchased from the Chingireya ancient textile store and the custom patches made by Hideto Honda, a local illustrator.

Shoppers can get both men’s and women’s clothing, as well as classic Levi’s styles like the 501 and 502. In addition to reopening-exclusive merchandise, Levi’s has debuted limited-edition 501 jeans designed by fashion director and stylist Akio Hasegawa and t-shirts with a unique silk-screened 501 calligraphy print by artist Ryusuke Arise.

“Our goal is to create denim enthusiasts for life all over the globe. To that end, we are dedicated to delivering the finest and most authentic Levi’s brand experiences to our customers, along with meaningful and elevated shopping adventures that speak to their souls,” stated David Hamaty, Levi’s general manager for North Asia.

We aimed to create something special at the Kyoto store that would reflect the city’s rich history and culture. Customers will be able to express themselves through their Levi’s gear thanks to our special hyperlocal customisation choices.

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