Jacquemus searches for the right formula for its children’s offering

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Jacquemus searches for the right formula: In a subtle but calculated move, the world-famous Jacquemus fashion brand teamed up with Children Worldwide Fashion (CWF), an industry leader in children’s clothing, to enter the children’s fashion industry. The second venture into this subset of the market was the November 2023 launch of the Jacquemus Children’s Collection, which catered to children ages 4 to 12.

According to people close to the matter, Jacquemus decided to team up with CWF after independently dabbling in children’s fashion in 2021. On this occasion, though, Jacquemus enlisted the help of CWF in order to unveil a more extensive and expertly produced collection. Coats, hoodies, t-shirts, and t-shirts were all part of the capsule collection, which reflected the label’s characteristic flair and was designed for both sexes.

The collection, titled “Mini Me by Jacquemus,” was painstakingly selected by CWF, drawing on its wealth of knowledge and licensing, which encompass illustrious labels such as Chloé, Givenchy, Kenzo Kids, and many more. Along with taking advantage of CWF’s worldwide reach and distribution networks, the alliance sought to measure the market’s reaction to Jacquemus’ children’s apparel. In addition to being sold on Kidsaround.com, CWF’s retail website, the collection was also shown with other well-known brands and licenses.

The relationship between Jacquemus and CWF was only meant for one season, according to CWF management, despite all the hype surrounding it. The future of the collaboration is questionable, though, because Jacquemus stayed mum when FashionNetwork.com asked her further questions.

When looking at market presence and financial performance, both Jacquemus and CWF boast remarkable results. With a footprint in 80 countries and more than 2,200 retail locations, CWF achieved a large turnover of 284 million euros in 2022. These locations included department shops, pure players, and ‘Kids around’ boutiques. According to independent media outlet Glitz Paris, Jacquemus had an incredible growth trajectory, with a turnover that surpassed 200 million euros in 2022 and was anticipated to have reached 280 million euros in 2023.

Exploring new potential in the children’s fashion area, Jacquemus and CWF have partnered, capitalizing on their respective strengths and market positions. The influence of the partnership on the industry and customer perception is uncertain, even if it was brief. This highlights how the fashion business is constantly evolving and striving for new ideas.

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