Frasers Group makes major investment in digital infrastructure

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In order to support its growing retail empire, Frasers Group is launching a revolutionary endeavor to strengthen its digital infrastructure.

Aiming to improve retail operations and the online customer experience across its many brand websites and applications, this investment represents a groundbreaking move by the business. Sports, Premium, and Luxury brand stock management and operations will also be streamlined as part of the effort.

Sports Direct’s operations in France, Germany, Denmark, and Spain will be the primary focus of the upgrade’s initial phase. Other regions will be added to the platform in subsequent phases.

To build a state-of-the-art digital platform using the MACH architecture, Frasers Group is teaming up with important partners like AND Digital, a digital product developer, Valtech, an innovation experience specialist, and Lab Digital, a tech agency. The goal of this platform is to improve operational efficiencies by giving teams additional data with which to make forecasts and decisions about stock management, product tracking, and inventory allocation.

Features like hyper-personalization, better product discoverability, and revamped designs are just a few ways the new platform is improving consumers’ digital purchasing experiences.

A new Customer Data Platform is being implemented by Frasers Group in partnership with customer marketing specialists XCM in order to gain a deeper understanding of client requests. This platform, which is driven by data science and consumer analytics, will let the firm personalize its offers across brands, which will increase sales and happiness for customers.

The importance of this initiative was highlighted by David Clark, Chief Customer Officer for Frasers Group. He noted that the considerable investment shows the group’s confidence in its strategy and business success. Our goal is to maintain our position as the go-to retailer for customers, whether they’re shopping in-store or online.

In order to further improve its ecosystem offer, the group has just increased its partnership with XCM by making a substantial minority investment.

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