Former Gymshark exec Chana is new Adanola CEO

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Former Gymshark exec Chana: The Manchester-based athleisure label Adanola has announced a major leadership shakeup. Starting on June 20th, Niran Chana, who was previously Gymshark’s Chief Commercial Officer, will assume the position of CEO. In taking this step, Adanola is demonstrating its determination to strengthen its foothold in the athletic apparel industry.

Changing from Gymshark to Adanola was a calculated move by Chana, who was involved with two fast-growing athletic brands. Chana was instrumental in Gymshark’s explosive growth in his prior position, especially in the women’s area. He has a history of success at managing merchandising, marketing, trading, and retail operations, all of which bode well for his capacity to take Adanola to the next level.

Chana’s appointment as CEO of Adanola is a sign of the company’s ambitions for rapid expansion in the market. Chana brings significant expertise to Adanola from his role in Gymshark’s £1 billion valuation agreement with private equity company General Atlantic. Many are wondering if this is the beginning of Adanola’s meteoric climb to fame, similar to Gymshark’s.

The dynamic nature of the sport-to-street industry is illustrated by the emergence of disruptive businesses such as Gymshark, Castore, and On. While established brands like Nike and Adidas continue to dominate their respective industries, up-and-coming competitors are making waves with their promising futures. Despite only being around since 2015, Adanola has seen tremendous growth, with a staggering 311% increase in revenue for the fiscal year 2022/23.

The leadership move was met with great enthusiasm by Hyrum Cook, founder and current CEO of Adanola. Cook highlighted Niran’s skills and how well it aligns with the company’s growth goals. Cook is moving into a more strategic and creative role, where he will work closely with Chana and the rest of the team.

In his remarks, Chana conveyed his enthusiasm at the chance to steer Adanola towards its future expansion. He has big plans for Adanola and wants to take the company forward by expanding on its solid foundation. Improving end-to-end operations, scaling effectively, and honing the company’s entire strategy will be the main goals.

Adanola plans to increase its footprint in the US as part of its expansion strategy. The brand’s plans for consumer events in important cities like New York and California demonstrate its dedication to expanding globally and connecting with its customers on a more intimate level.

To summarize, Adanola has reached a major turning point in its quest for growth and market dominance with the selection of Niran Chana as CEO. The athleisure industry is highly competitive, but with Chana at the helm and Adanola’s solid base and lofty ambitions, the brand should have no trouble maintaining its success and gaining popularity throughout the world.

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