Elliott’s Cohn says Etsy offers significant, multi-year upside for investors

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Elliott’s Cohn says Etsy offers significant: During the Sohn Conference in New York, Jesse Cohn, the managing partner of Elliott Investment Management, expressed his optimistic outlook for the e-commerce platform Etsy, stating that he believes it will yield a “significant, multi-year upside.”

Elliott Investment Management, a prominent global investor, holds a 13% economic stake in Etsy, including both ordinary shares and swaps, as revealed by a source familiar with the matter to Reuters in February.

At the conference, Cohn disclosed that Elliott’s stake in Etsy exceeds 10%. He highlighted the potential for “product engagement and monetization opportunities” within Etsy’s platform, drawing parallels to Pinterest, another company where Elliott appointed a board member in 2022.

Cohn emphasized Etsy’s capacity to attract more buyers and enhance their spending on the platform, indicating opportunities for growth and expansion.

In February, Etsy welcomed Marc Steinberg, Elliott’s portfolio manager, to its board, indicating a closer collaboration between the e-commerce platform and Elliott Investment Management. This strategic partnership underscores Etsy’s commitment to leveraging Elliott’s expertise and insights to drive value and innovation within its operations.

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