Despite inflation, Decathlon to maintain worldwide sales in 2023

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Decathlon to maintain worldwide sales in 2023: Despite the ongoing problem of excessive inflation, Decathlon has reported solid sales results, hitting €15.6 billion in 2023, showing a little growth of 1.15%. According to their most recent press release, the French distribution firm for athletic products also saw a net profit of €931 million, which is an increase of 0.9%.

According to the business, its sales increased by a respectable 4.4% “at constant exchange rates.” Overall revenue growth was 1.15 percent, however it was dampened by currency changes and the end of commercial activities in Russia. Later on, further information on Decathlon’s performance in France will be revealed.

Decathlon has been around since 1976 in Englos, France, and has consistently kept its online sales share at 17%. This is up significantly from 8% in 2019 and is in line with last year.

Many stores selling “discretionary” goods—items that customers don’t really need—had their bottom lines hit by the difficulties brought on by rising inflation in 2023, especially in food prices. Spending on necessities like food cut into consumers’ discretionary cash, leaving less to spend on recreational goods.

Decathlon CEO Barbara Martin Coppola touted the company’s preparedness for development and reinvention in the face of the extraordinary conditions of 2023. The company, which has 1,750 outlets in more than 70 countries and 101,000 employees, has announced a number of adjustments, such as a rebranding effort, a reduction in the number of brands it offers, and a goal to become a thorough “sports brand.”

Decathlon has promised to bring its carbon emissions down to zero by 2050, cut them in half by 2030 compared to 2021, and cut them by 20% by 2026, demonstrating that its commitment goes beyond financial performance. Efforts to reduce product waste and other negative effects on the environment are central to this pledge.

Decathlon has accomplished a notable decrease in CO2 emissions while maintaining revenue growth, which Coppola highlighted with pride. In 2023, the corporation revealed a 10% decrease in emissions compared to 2022 in all three scopes, demonstrating its dedication to both financial success and environmental sustainability.

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