David Yurman Unveils Iris Law and Fei Fei Sun as Brand Ambassadors

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As a further demonstration of the label’s dedication to diversity, refinement, and enduring beauty, David Yurman is pleased to announce the addition of Iris Law and Fei Fei Sun to the role of brand ambassador.

David Yurman is committed to diversity and inclusiveness, and by choosing Iris Law and Fei Fei Sun as brand ambassadors, we aim to showcase a range of cultures, backgrounds, and viewpoints. Law and Sun, with their individual skills and worldwide impact, personify the contemporary grace that characterizes the David Yurman label.

The natural beauty and carefree attitude of Jude Law and Sadie Frost’s daughter, Iris, have mesmerized onlookers. As a new face in the fashion industry, Law injects the David Yurman brand with her youthful energy and signature charisma in every ad, giving it a new spin. She personifies David Yurman’s values perfectly with her captivating personality and unique style, which appeal to people all around the globe.

Famously known as one of the most powerful models in the world, Fei Fei Sun stands for a more accepting and inclusive age of global beauty. Sun broke barriers and opened doors for more diversity in the fashion business when she became the first East Asian model to appear on the cover of Vogue Italia. With her innate composure and unmatched elegance, she is the perfect choice for David Yurman, where she is sure to captivate audiences throughout the world.

David Yurman, Iris Law, and Fei Fei Sun’s collaboration is a tribute to genuine style, timeless style, and the strength of personal expression. They will surely take the David Yurman brand to new levels by working together with a shared vision and a relentless pursuit of quality; they will encourage people to love and accept themselves just as they are and to appreciate the variety in the world.

The appointment of Iris Law and Fei Fei Sun as brand ambassadors heralds a thrilling new era for David Yurman, characterized by sophistication, variety, and the honoring of uniqueness. We hope you’ll come along for the ride as we redefine what it means to be elegant in the modern era and celebrate the uniqueness of each individual. By working together, we can create unforgettable moments that uplift and inspire people all across the globe.

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