Armani Group company in receivership over labour exploitation probe

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Armani Group company in receivership: The highly regarded Italian fashion giant Armani had a subsidiary placed under judicial administration on Friday by an Italian court, marking a major step forward in the legal system. The accusations of Chinese firms’ alleged exploitation of workers inside their operations led to the court’s ruling on the indirect subcontracting of manufacturing.

A Milanese court ordered the Giorgio Armani Operations, an Armani Group industrial business, to be placed under receivership for a year, according to Reuters’ assessment of the decision. The court found that four Chinese organizations were involved in the creation of the bags that Giorgio Armani Operations had outsourced to two middlemen. Workers at these Chinese enterprises were paid between 2 and 3 euros per hour, according to the court’s estimate.

A statement from the Armani Group reaffirmed the company’s dedication to maintaining ethical standards in its supply chain in response to the court’s ruling. The group’s control and prevention actions to reduce the likelihood of misuse were emphasized in the statement. In order to clarify its position on the situation, the Armani Group further stated its readiness to work with the appropriate authorities.

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