Ananas Anam appoints Silvia Bernardini as CEO

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Ananas Anam appoints Silvia Bernardini as CEO: The appointment of a new chief executive officer has been announced by Ananas Anam, the parent business of Piñatex, which is well-known for its environmentally friendly textile solutions. The position is filled by Silvia Bernardini, a seasoned Italian executive who has worked her magic for 17 years at Swarovski and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table in many areas of the industry.

Bernardini displayed expertise in business-to-business sales, customer relations, marketing, and brand building in her prior positions at Swarovski, including vice president. With her vast experience, she is well-suited to guide Ananas Anam through its upcoming industrial revolution in textile innovation.

“It is a privilege to utilize my background to the advantage of Ananas Anam,” Bernardini said, expressing her excitement about the new position. It is unusual to come across a business that has sustainability written all over it and successfully brings people and the environment together. I am excited to work with our partners to give them sustainable textile solutions for the long run, and I think we will be an important part of the textile industry’s transformation.

After Manel Echevarria’s tenure as CEO ended in September of last year, Bernardini took over the position. After leaving Ananas Anam, Echevarria took over as general manager of the sustainable brand Ecoalf. His previous experience included prominent names like Swarovski, MontBlanc, and Lacoste Iberia.

Among the materials produced by Carmen Hinojosa of Asturias’s Ananas Anam are Piñatex, a product resembling leather, Piñayarn, a novel biodegradable thread, and Anam Palf, a high-quality fabric made from pineapple. Ananas Anam has become a trailblazer in sustainable textile solutions through its partnerships with prominent fashion labels such as Hugo Boss, H&M, and Ecoalf.

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