Adidas blocks personalized German jerseys over Nazi symbolism

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Adidas blocks personalized German jerseys: Concerns about the shape of the number 44, which resembles a symbol linked with Nazi-era SS troops, have prompted Adidas AG to adopt a firm stance against the purchase of customised German football uniforms.

A statement from Adidas read, “We have blocked personalisation of the jerseys in our online store.” in reaction to the backlash. As part of its ongoing effort to promote inclusive principles, the corporation has reiterated its opposition to bigotry, racism, anti-Semitism, violence, and hatred.

The German media made a remark that sparked the controversy: the number 44’s jagged appearance looked like the lightning bolt SS insignia, which was used to represent the infamous paramilitary force during the Nazi dictatorship.

Adidas understood the seriousness of the situation and emphasised that the German football organisation and its partner are responsible for designing the numbers on Germany’s football shirts. This episode has come at a delicate moment for Adidas, which has already taken heat in 2022 for how it handled the cancellation of its Yeezy collaboration with Ye (formerly Kanye West) in the wake of the rapper’s antisemitic comments.

Adidas’ stock performance mirrored the controversy’s aftermath; the company’s shares fell 1% in German trade, though they still managed to gain 11% for the year.

By highlighting that such behaviour goes against the brand’s fundamental principles, Adidas strongly refuted any desire to promote controversial or exclusive viewpoints. At the same time, the German football organisation has admitted fault and promised to come up with a new design for the number 4, among other things, in conjunction with UEFA.

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