9dcc pops up in NYC, unveils Nines program

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Just in time for NFT NYC, the crypto-centric luxury apparel line 9dcc created a splash last week in New York City’s SoHo neighborhood with the debut of an enthralling pop-up experience. The groundbreaking Nines program, which revolutionized the way the digital and physical worlds interacted, was also unveiled during this thrilling occasion.

The revolutionary proof of presence technology that reimagines the digital immortalization of physical interactions is the brains behind the Nines initiative. This innovative idea gives fans the power to turn their real-life experiences into valuable digital badges, which can be collected into unique collections of stories, connections, and encounters. The personalized Nines can be unlocked with each 9dcc outfit, giving individuals a new way to express themselves via style while also preserving and sharing their unique stories.

The brand’s first full fashion collection on-chain, ‘Collection 01,’ was launched during the pop-up, featuring a wide variety of NFC-enabled items. Every item, from classic suits that never go out of style to modern leather jackets and fashionable boxer shorts, exemplifies 9dcc’s original vision by skillfully combining high-end workmanship with state-of-the-art technology.

At the debut of the Nines program, 9dcc CEO Gmoney thanked the brand’s loyal community for their unfaltering support and belief in the company’s values, stressing the importance of the program as a symbol of thanks. These digital badges are more than just a reward; they are emblems of the special bond between 9dcc and its members and access to exclusive content. The Nines brand goes beyond just clothing by creating a vibrant tapestry of personal narratives that bring people together from all walks of life to celebrate originality and creativity.

The pop-up shop may have closed on April 6, but its influence will be felt long after it has gone; it will have a lasting impression on the fashion industry and usher in a new age of fully immersive, tech-driven experiences. The Nines program is a reflection of 9dcc’s persistent dedication to its thriving community, which it uses to encourage connection, creativity, and empowerment.

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