Tapestry dives into hospitality for its Kate Spade and Coach brands

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Tapestry dives into hospitality : Putting on a fashion company’s clothes or smelling its perfume was once the main way people interacted with the brand. But now there’s a new layer to the emphasis on brand experience, and that’s flavor. Leading the push in establishing cafes in diverse worldwide locations are European luxury powerhouses such as Hermès, Dior, Louis Vuitton, and Prada. Even Ralph Lauren’s Polo Bar and Ralph stores throughout the world have joined this fad. The rising American aspirational luxury brand Tapestry is now making waves in the food industry. Launching in Jakarta in March, it then moved on to Bloomingdale’s Dubai, located inside the Dubai Mall, to launch a Kate Spade cafe pop-up.

Thirty-one years after its launch in New York, Kate Spade New York’s CEO and brand president Liz Fraser recently spoke with FashionNetwork.com to discuss the company’s foray into the food industry. According to Fraser, “With Kate Spade’s unique perspective yet universal foundation in joy, there’s almost nothing this lifestyle brand couldn’t do.” She highlighted the brand’s increasing visibility in the region and the potential for future growth, mentioning the opening of the first Kate Spade cafe in Dubai in particular. The area radiates the lively aesthetic that is characteristic of Kate Spade New York, with its iconic brand green décor and pops of red and pink. A carefully chosen assortment of specialized drinks and branded delicacies are available at the café, creating an inviting ambiance for customers.

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There may not be any Kate Spade home items or pop-up-specific designs on display at the cafe, but there are subtle brand elements everywhere you look. Fraser went on to say, “The food and beverage options are sprinkled with Kate Spade joy and infuse our brand codes,” mentioning things like specially-made packaging, the iconic spade emblem on coffee offerings, and sweet treats presented in Kate Spade’s signature green, alongside black and cream stripes and polka dots.

The Coach Coffee Shop in Indonesia – Courtesy

A new lifestyle idea that seeks to cultivate emotional relationships with brand enthusiasts will be tested at the Kate Spade cafe in Dubai from April through the end of June 2024. The brand is enthusiastic about investigating opportunities for growth in Dubai and other areas, but there are currently no plans to open a permanent cafe at the Mall of Emirates.

Given Bloomingdale’s worldwide prominence and the mall’s predicted status as the “most visited place on earth” in 2023, Fraser believes that partnering with the shop for the Dubai Mall location was a smart choice. She brought attention to the chance to elevate the brand’s visibility in a vibrant, culturally rich,

Along with the cafe, Kate Spade has introduced a new retail concept at their Dubai Mall shop, which is the first of multiple openings scheduled in the UAE until 2025.


However, in March, Kate Spade’s sibling brand, Coach, grabbed headlines when it debuted its first hospitality venture—a branded cafe and restaurant at Jakarta’s Grand Indonesia Mall. The Coach Restaurant and the Coach Coffee Shop are the epitome of the brand; they serve authentic, self-expression-centered cuisine while paying homage to the classic images of New York City.

The importance of these endeavors in developing engaging experiences for clients was highlighted by Todd Kahn, CEO and president of the Coach brand, among others. Coming soon to Japan and Malaysia are Coach Coffee Shop openings, as well as highly customized Coach Play pop-ups. The brand is planning to expand its idea to other places. Furthermore, in the spring of 2024, the Coach Tabby Shop will make its global debut at several locations around Asia and Australia.

No one has overlooked the allure of high-end labels expanding into the food and drink industry. Robert Burke, chief executive officer and founder of Robert Burke & Associates, praised this development as an attractive opportunity for brands to strengthen their relationship with consumers and raise their profile. He pointed out that developing economies like Jakarta’s are open to these kinds of ideas, loving the chance to have a more immersive experience with companies.

Luxury companies are setting the ground for more collaboration and innovation by merging fashion and food, providing customers with a multimodal experience that goes beyond what they can get at a regular store.

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