Stay away from these foods to prevent acne before your big day, according to bridal beauty advice

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You definitely don’t want acne to make you a bridezilla on your wedding day! So, in order to prevent acne breakout, here are some diet tips.

Acne never occurs at a convenient time, especially before a wedding. Although acne is common, brides would want to avoid having it on their wedding day! On one of the biggest days of her life, every bride aspires to look flawless. After all, no one wants their zits to appear right before their wedding. We have you covered if you’re concerned that a zit will appear on your face just before your wedding.

Famous dermatologist Dr. Kiran Sethi recently shared some dietary advice on Instagram to prevent breakouts before the wedding.

How to control acne through diet

Acne can start to appear when skin pores are clogged by bacteria, dead skin cells, or both. Sebum, an oil that keeps the skin from drying out, is also overproduced by the body, which contributes to this clogging. Diet is just one of many things that can make things worse. People frequently undervalue the impact of nutrition on skin health.

Your health and skin are greatly affected by what you consume, and some foods can cause a breakout. Therefore, the only thing you can do to prevent acne is to alter your diet and stay away from particular foods that can cause outbreaks.

Dietary advice to prevent acne

Do not worry if you are worried that zits will appear on your face the day before your big day. Dr. Sethi offers 5 items to stay away from before a wedding in order to prevent acne breakouts:

1. Sugar-rich foods

The glycemic index (GI), according to the National Health Service of England, is a scale used to rank the amount of carbs in various foods. It illustrates how different diets can alter the glucose levels in your body. Therefore, throughout puberty, our bodies create a hormone called insulin-like growth factor (IGF-1). Foods with a high glycemic index are more likely to raise IGF-1 levels than other foods, which can result in acne breakouts, according to a study published in Advances in Dermatology and Allergology. Avoid high GI foods including sugary foods, soft drinks, white bread, potatoes, white rice, and others.

Foods with a high glycemic index might cause acne flare-ups. With thanks to Shutterstock

2. Dairy items

The study published in Advances in Dermatology and Allergology also revealed that dairy products are not recommended for people with acne-prone skin. Numerous studies have discovered a connection between dairy products and acne. Dairy can aggravate acne, according to research in The Journal of Clinical and Aesthetic Dermatology. Consuming dairy products may cause your hormones to become out of balance and lead to acne. So it’s advisable to stay away from them prior to your wedding.

3. Powdered proteins

They may not be the finest for your skin even though they are excellent for your muscles. According to multiple clinical research, eating protein powders may increase your risk of developing an acne outbreak.


Although cinnamon, also known as dalchini, is a common ingredient in Indian cooking, it might not be the ideal choice for you right before your wedding. Cinnamon, according to Dr. Sethi, can cause zits, which is something we definitely don’t want to happen, especially on your marriage day!

5. Stay hydrated

The physician suggests drinking lots of water and coconut water to prevent acne. According to studies, drinking water moisturises the skin and guards against dryness and dehydration. Acne can be brought on by oil production, which is triggered by dry skin.

While these suggestions may help you avoid acne before your wedding, you should also heed your dermatologist’s advice to be safe.

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