Welcome to Coachella Season: Where Food Takes Center Stage

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Welcome to Coachella Season: The anticipation for Coachella, which is entering its 23rd year, grows every April. Over the course of two weekends, this legendary festival in Southern California has become a worldwide sensation, consuming our social media feeds like wildfire. The music at Coachella is legendary, but the festival is also a culinary spectacle, including the best chefs and restaurants in the business. Discover the delectable treats that festival-goers may look forward to this year.

Indio Central Market: A Paradise for Food Lovers

As of 2018, the festival’s dedicated food hall, Indio Central Market, is at the center of Coachella’s gastronomic scene. Fifteen beloved vendors will be back under one big tent for another year of the market. There is an abundance of flavors to savor, from the fried chicken-topped noodles prepared by Chef Kasem Saengsawang to the loaded Korean BBQ fries served by Roy Choi’s renowned Kogi taco truck. As far as festival indulgences go, you can’t go wrong with Burger She Wrote’s double smash wagyu burger.

Kogi has been attending Coachella since maybe 2010—I think this is our 12th consecutive one,” says Roy Choi, a chef who has been a regular since 2010. Choi also comments on the festival’s development. In the beginning, it was just a fun task. Was the trip possible with our truck? Is it feasible to feed that many people? Would our cuisine be in high demand in this setting? “It was thrilling because nobody knew.”


All Your Wants Satisfied

With a wide variety of mouth-watering selections, Coachella meets every culinary need. If you’re craving something sweet, stop by McConnell’s for some churros con leche ice cream or #Juicebae for some freshly squeezed fruit beverages. And if you’re looking to fuel up for all the celebrations, Everbloom Coffee has a special coffee bar open for business.

There are a number of speakeasies scattered around the festival grounds that provide surprise oasis-like experiences. Cocktails & Dreams, the show-stopper this year, is an 80s-themed event that combines the best of two New York City cocktail bars, PDT Tropicale and Attaboy.

A Beer Lover’s Paradise: Craft Beer Barn

Beer lovers can find what they’re looking for at the Craft Beer Barn, which stocks a wide variety of hoppy suds from well-known breweries. To go with your beer, try some sliders at Chris N. Eddy’s, some contemporary Filipino at Mano Po, or some traditional Birria at The Goat Mafia. In addition, a charming cabin within the barn serves creative cocktails on tap, courtesy of Los Angeles’s renowned Houston Hospitality.

Exceptional Fine Dining for VIPs

Access to special products from exceptional vendors is available to VIPs who are looking for a more upscale dining experience. The VIPs savor a culinary extravaganza, with dishes ranging from garlicky noodles at Bang Bang Noodles to gigantic poke bowls at Sweetfin. An impromptu eatery called Outstanding In The Field serves family-style four-course dinners in the VIP Rose Garden. Every night’s event is hosted by a celebrity chef, so you know it’s going to be a memorable dinner.

A Gastronomic Extravaganza: Coachella 2024

Whether you’re indulging in a gourmet tasting menu or enjoying a smash burger at the general admission section, Coachella guarantees an unforgettable culinary experience. Taste buds will be tantalized and foodies will be craving more at this year’s festival due to the variety of talent and delicacies. You never know, among all the delicious food, you might also find some amazing music.

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