Krispy Kreme and Dolly Parton Team Up for Southern Sweets Doughnut Collection

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Krispy Kreme and Dolly Parton Team:  The ‘Dolly Southern Sweets Doughnut Collection’ is a delectable four-doughnut limited edition, marking a unique and never-before-seen collaboration between Krispy Kreme and the iconic Dolly Parton. This exclusive partnership brings Dolly’s beloved southern flavors to life, now available in a one-of-a-kind, hand-designed box.

 Imagine sinking your teeth into a delightful Original Glazed Doughnut, generously coated in strawberry icing, adorned with glitter sprinkles, and crowned with a signature chocolate Dolly butterfly. This is the Dolly Dazzler Doughnut, one of the mouth-watering treats in the collection. For those with a penchant for peaches, the Peachy Keen Cobbler Doughnut is an absolute must-try. It features a luscious filling made with real peaches, smothered in brown sugar icing, and topped with crispy cobbler bits.

 If you’re a fan of bananas, you’re going to love the Banana Puddin’ Pie Doughnut. It’s an unglazed doughnut filled with KREME and wafer bits that tastes like banana pudding. Wafer cookie bits, delicate white icing swirls, and bright yellow icing make up the finishing touches. Finally, the Chocolate Crème Pie Doughnut takes the traditional Original Glazed Doughnut to the next level with a decadent layer of chocolate brownie cream, smooth vanilla whipped topping, and irresistible chocolate cookie crumbles.

 As Dolly Parton herself said, ‘These doughnuts remind me of home.’ Her enthusiasm for this collaboration is palpable, and we can’t wait for you to share in this excitement. Spread the word to your friends and family about these unique treats. Remember, the ‘Dolly Southern Sweets Doughnut Collection’ will be available on Krispy Kreme’s website, participating stores, and select retail locations until June 16th.

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