A Swiss watchmaker with deep ties to India is back from the dead—again

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A Swiss watchmaker with deep ties to India: Later this year, more than twenty-six clocks from luxury watchmaker Favre Leuba—priced up to 24,000 Swiss francs ($26,489)—will be unveiled, marking the brand’s triumphant return. The strategy to increase the brand’s popularity outside of India is a key component of this resurgence.

The origins of Favre Leuba can be found in the 18th century, when Abraham Favre, a Swiss watchmaker, set up shop. The Favre-Leuba name is a result of the gradual merging of the two brands by the Leuba family. Favre Leuba was a pioneer in Swiss watchmaking for a long time, but it went through some ownership changes due to difficulties caused by the quartz crisis in the 1970s and 1980s.

The Tata group of Indian companies bought the long-defunct Favre Leuba brand in 2011 with the intention of bringing it back into production. Unfortunately, the first efforts to revive the brand’s image were unappealing from a marketing and design standpoint. Ethos Ltd., an Indian watch retailer, and KDDL Ltd., its parent company, acquired Favre Leuba in a private deal last year, marking a turning point for the brand.

In August, at the Geneva Watch Days, the new collection will be shown. It includes 26 new models. The mechanical core of these watches is represented by three separate movements, and they are structured around three main themes: air, sea, and land. Production of the movements and cases is already underway, according to Favre Leuba Chairman Patrik Paul Hoffmann. This highlights the brand’s dedication to quality and craftsmanship.

In order to reinvigorate its brand image and increase its market presence, Favre Leuba has decided to invest 5 million Swiss francs as an initial capital. Hoffmann hopes to build on the brand’s storied past while giving its timeless designs a modern twist. Notably, contemporary Favre Leuba timepieces draw influence from the brand’s illustrious past, which includes groundbreaking dive watches like the Deep Blue.

The United States, Canada, and the Caribbean are strategically important areas for the brand, and they intend to expand into the Middle East and Asia, particularly Japan. With its strong connections to India, Favre Leuba plans to team up with famous Bollywood actors and cricket players for promotional campaigns. In addition to distributing through Ethos stores in India, the business will also launch boutiques there.

According to Hoffmann, the ideal Favre Leuba client is cultured, respects the brand’s history, and prioritizes understatement above excess. As a symbol of its ambitious growth trajectory in the luxury watch market, Favre Leuba aims to boost manufacturing to 100,000 units annually within a decade, from 4,000 watches in the first year.

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