Zegna RTW Spring 2024

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At the Zegna show, hundreds of us gathered in the shade of Alessandro Manzoni’s flat stone glare. Manzoni is known for writing I Promessi Sposi (The Betrothed) in 1827, which is seen as the most important literary work that led to the creation of a national Italian language. We all wore the same Zegna baseball caps and sat around huge bales of linen, giving us the feeling of being at a company retreat.

Alessandro Sartori, who has been working hard to create an argot that will become a new global language of tailoring, is trying to break away from the sartorial rules of the last century. He believes that the classics will not be a part of the wardrobe of the future, and that it is not about jackets, coats, or sweaters, but about tops, undergarments, bottoms, and shoes.

The collection was made up of 70% Oasi Linen, a unique house form of linen from Normandy. This linen was trucked from the house’s partner producers and was used to line construction-free leather coats, make boxy “guru collared” jackets, and create a jacquard with color lines that were not straight. The collection featured a variety of colors, from neutrals to soft pink, green, and blue.

At the end of the show, Alessandro Sartori took a bow while his models, his materials, his crowd, and his collection applauded. Manzoni, who once wrote that “the heart always has something to say about the future to those who listen to it,” kept his stone face.
Etro Zegna: A Company Trail Blazer

Etro Zegna is an Italian fashion house owned by the lauded Ermenegildo Zegna group. Headquartered in Milan, Italy, Zegna has long been an industry leader in menswear, offering up luxurious, tailored garments and accessories that have been recognized by the international community for their trendsetting designs and sophistication.

At the helm of Zegna’s fashion house is Alessandro Sartori. Designing with an emphasis on subtle textures and unexpected details, Sartori has created a collection of prominent styles that emphasize masculinity and classic elegance. His vision for Zegna is to create timeless pieces that bring confidence to the modern-day man; pieces that offer unprecedented style and sophistication that can be worn for a lifetime.

With Sartori as its creative director, Zegna has released a series of highly successful collections that have received popular acclaim. Among these collections is the ‘Etro Zegna’ line, which focuses on fusion of contemporary Italian design and bold color palettes. This fusion forges a distinct aesthetic that allows Zegna to stand out in the industry. Moreover, with its clean cuts and understated tailoring, Ermenegildo Zegna’s menswear has become synonymous with a strong sense of individuality.

From the boardroom to the streets, Zegna’s pieces reflect modern luxury with a focus on impeccable craftsmanship and innovative detailing. With an eye firmly towards the future, Zegna pushes the boundaries of fashion to create something that is truly unique. Etro Zegna continues to prove that it is at the forefront of men’s fashion and is unafraid to take risks in pursuit of excellence.

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