Y.Chroma launches first-ever pop-up at Rothmans NY

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Y.Chroma launches first-ever pop-up:  Rothmans NY, a prominent figure in the menswear market and the largest privately owned menswear store in the nation, was the exclusive venue for the first-ever brick-and-mortar debut of Y.Chroma, a burgeoning premium menswear brand. This unique collaboration was a testament to the exceptional nature of both entities.


The exclusive Y.Chroma pop-up, a showcase of high-quality, European-made goods, is now open at Rothmans’ Union Square store (222 Park Ave S) until June 25th. Don’t miss the opportunity to see famous pieces like the Skyline Pant, Sevilla Shirt, and Varial Shirt-cut Jacket series up close.



The mastermind behind Y.Chroma, Max Israel, was thrilled to join forces with Rothmans for their inaugural in-store pop-up. The anticipation and excitement surrounding this event were palpable, with Y.Chroma’s introduction to the New York retail scene at Rothmans, a site he considered perfect due to its legendary stature and historical reputation for curating the finest menswear items.


Y.Chroma, a brand that defies traditional standards in mainstream professional menswear, draws its unique style from the skate and surf culture. Since its launch in 2022, the brand has seen a meteoric rise in popularity, with sales predicted to surpass 700% of initial 2023 projections by the end of the year. Its participation in New York Fashion Week further solidified Y.Chroma’s position as a game-changer in the menswear industry.


Israel was thrilled to share his enthusiasm for Y.Chroma’s pop-up experience, reflecting on the brand’s rising popularity among New York customers. He was grateful for the tremendous expansion that had occurred thus far and praised the tremendous excitement shown by patrons.


Y.Chroma’s presence at Rothmans is a testament to the store’s commitment to showcasing emerging brands and offering a diverse selection to its discerning customers. Ken Giddon, co-owner of Rothmans, lauds Y.Chroma as a valuable addition to the store’s brand portfolio, a sentiment that echoes the excitement of Rothmans’ customers who will undoubtedly be captivated by Y.Chroma’s unique style and dedication to quality.

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