Valentino RTW Spring 2024

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Valentino Garavani debuted his first men’s collection in Milan in 1985. This year, Pierpaolo Piccioli returned to the city and opened Milan Men’s Fashion Week with his “The Narratives” show. The show was held at La Statale, Milan’s public university, in a beautiful Renaissance building. The rap and indie artist d4vd played a live set for the students watching the show from the loggia in the courtyard.

Piccioli chose the site as part of his search for a creative practice with a message that is meaningful and understandable to younger audiences. He wanted to break the elitism of fashion circuits and start conversations that would lead to change. The idea behind the collection was to think about how fashion codes show and define masculine character. Piccioli said at a press meeting after the show, “Up until now, the signs of power and success have defined what it means to be a man. But I think that real power and strength come from being able to show how weak and sensitive you are.” To emphasize this point, copies of Hanya Yanagihara’s book A Little Life were sent out as tickets to the show. Quotes from Yanagihara’s pages were printed on black fitted suits and the front of a pair of denim pants.

The show was based on how Piccioli softened traditional male stereotypes, which was done in a subtle way. He worked on the rules of fashion, making boxy coats less boxy and replacing trousers with short shorts and skirts. He also added flowers to lapels and printed big flowers on breezy light jackets and straight-cut shirts. Piccioli’s artistic talent for a pictorial palette—mint green, raspberry, turquoise, and hot pink mixed with black and white—highlighted a sense of individual energy and a romantic attitude of freedom.

Piccioli believes that as a designer, his job is not just to make beautiful things, but also “to say something meaningful on a deeper level.” To do this, Valentino will give a large amount of money to the university to fund student grants. In addition, Valentino will work with Milan’s Spazio META, a company that recycles used materials, to reuse and recycle runway materials. An oak tree will also be planted in the public grounds of Porta Venezia in Milan. This will bring Piccioli and Valentino’s commitment to doing good things full circle.
Valentino is an internationally renowned Italian fashion house founded by Valentino Garavani in 1960. With its signature shade of red, dresses adorned with intricate lace and embroidery and flowing chiffon gowns, Valentino has become one of the oldest, most respected and well-known fashion labels in the world.

At the forefront of its success is designer icon Valentino Garavani, who has been a leader in the fashion industry since its founding in Rome in 1960. Garavani was highly influenced by his Italian heritage and style, creating four distinct lines of clothing: evening gowns, ready-to-wear collections, a diffusion line and his couture collection. Garavani has focused on blending traditional craftsmanship and modern creativity while utilizing the brand’s signature red and white palette. The Valentino woman is luxurious, elegant and daring with a touch of refinement.

Valentino has become a fashion industry leader due to its timeless designs and iconic aesthetic. The brand has won numerous awards and accolades, including the prestigious 18th Place Pulitzer Prize for its unique combination of modern and classic features. Valentino also received numerous awards for its contributions to the world of fashion including two Who’s Who in Fashion Listings and three CFDA Awards.

In 2020, Valentino launched its most ambitious project yet, selling 100 percent of organic cotton products. This commitment to sustainability is another example of the brand’s dedication to fashion innovation and the continued evolution of its products.

Valentino continues to be a source of inspiration for the worlds of fashion and sustainability. Its commitment to contemporary fashion and sustainable practices has come to define the brand as a beacon of modern style and the ultimate representation of Italian glamour.

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