Under Armour’s Shares Plunge as Forecast Falls Short of Estimates

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Under Armour’s Shares Plunge: Under Armour Inc. saw a sharp decline in its stock during premarket trading following the release of a full-year outlook that failed to meet the expectations of Wall Street analysts.

The sportswear maker is currently undergoing a transitional phase, marked by the return of founder Kevin Plank to the CEO position in April 2019, following a series of scandals related to [specific scandals]. Under Armour is striving to rejuvenate its business amid a persistent downturn in revenue.

In a strategic move, Plank has identified the company’s challenges, attributing them to various factors, including diminished demand in the wholesale channel and inconsistent performance across its operations. He has acknowledged that these circumstances would exert pressure on both the top and bottom lines in the near term, but is confident in his measures to address them.

Notably, Under Armour has faced significant pressure in its domestic market of North America, with sales declining by 10% in the last quarter. However, this decline was partially offset by robust performance in international markets, particularly in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, due to [specific factors].

The market’s response was swift, with shares plummeting by as much as 17% during premarket trading in New York on Thursday. Year-to-date, the stock had already experienced a 23% decline by Wednesday’s close, significantly underperforming the S&P Midcap 400 Index, which had seen a gain of 9.3%.

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