The Statement-Wear Brand WILI, Based in New York, Enters the Luxury Market

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The statement-wear company WILI, located in New York, has formally made its debut in the premium market. The brand reinvents daily wear by fusing the exhilaration of the runway with the vitality of the streets, all while drawing inspiration from striking shapes and vibrant colors. At, you can see the inaugural collection in real-time, with prices beginning at $450.


WILI’s creator and creative director, Kaitlin Peña, developed a love for making items that seamlessly blend beauty and comfort. Peña named the brand WILI after receiving constant praise for these striking designs. The ‘WI’ is a loving homage to her father, who taught her how to sew, and the ‘LI’ salutes her mother, who gave her a passion for fashion.


The collection emphasizes fine fabric and flawless artistry, according to the brand’s mission of bringing sophisticated creativity into daily wear while prioritizing ethical and sustainable production.


Peña states, “WILI as a whole and this collection rethink what daily clothing means. I am picky about the tactile sensation of my clothing and take inspiration from striking shapes and vivid hues. Our collection gives individuality to wardrobe staples, transforming them into something new. We believe that ethical fashion should empower all parties involved, which is why our items are made here in New York using sustainable materials that are obtained from leading European mills.”

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