Stella McCartney: Cara Delevingne bares all for Falabella handbag’s 15th anniversary

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Stella McCartney: Cara Delevingne bares: In honor of its fifteenth anniversary, the world-famous Falabella handbag is once again front and center at Stella McCartney, the British ready-to-wear company renowned for its dedication to sustainability. The Falabella, a product of the brand’s characteristic leather-alternative material, is instantly recognizable by its chain ornamentation.

Stella McCartney, in honor of the occasion, has released a humorous advertising campaign starring British actor and model Cara Delevingne. For the campaign, Delevingne posed nude inside a gigantic Falabella bag.

Stella McCartney’s Soho, New York flagship store hosted an anniversary bash on May 6. Lena Mahlouf, an influential Frenchwoman, Hannah Waddingham, a famous British actor, and activist model Quannah Chasinghorse-Potts were among the famous people that attended the event.

In conjunction with the launch of four exclusive Falabella handbag models, a global campaign called the “Falabella Stellabration” will take place. These styles include studs, a crinkly silvery metal design, long faux-leather tassels, and crystal tassels that are lead-free. They cost between €850 and €1,995 and can be purchased in stores and online all around the globe.

Introduced in 2010 and immediately becoming the label’s best-seller, the Falabella handbag is named after one of Stella McCartney’s beloved horse breeds. Nearly a hundred iterations of the Falabella, in a rainbow of hues, shapes, and materials (including clutch and backpack versions), have been launched by the business since then.

With the Falabella, Stella McCartney highlights its dedication to sustainability by highlighting the fact that the purse has always been handmade in Italy by skilled artisans using only vegan materials, including the glue. Mirum, Vegea, and Yatay are among the innovative plant-based alternatives developed by the firm. These products use plastic-free ingredients, grape residue, and recycled fibers, respectively.

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