Slays in Vegas: Usher Hit Up KidSuper to Wardrobe the “Greatest Show on Earth”

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When it comes to extraordinary shows, there is nothing quite like the wildly popular Slays in Vegas tour. This high-energy performance is six-time Grammy-winning artist Usher’s latest feat of spectacular entertainment and it’s no surprise that his team is outfitting him in nothing but the best. Fresh off collaborating with J-Lo on the 2020 Super Bowl Half Time Show, Usher and his team have chosen KidSuper to wardrobe the “Greatest Show on Earth” and this article will explore how the talented designer is helping the tour shine even brighter.

1. Bringing Vegas Heat: Usher and KidSuper Dress Up For The “Greatest Show on Earth”

Las Vegas is known for its wild entertainment and rich nightlife, and when Usher and KidSuper hit the town together, the hottest show on earth was born. The two stars put on a dazzling display as they stepped out in their trendiest looks with KidSuper’s designer clothing collection.

Usher was spotted in an eye-catching outfit featuring his signature futuristic vibe. A pair of distressed jeans, patent leather boots, and a vibrant leather jacket with metallic detailing made a statement on the red carpet. To complete the look, he added an electric blue Versace chain and his wavy locks. Meanwhile, KidSuper had everyone’s heads turning in a playful blue and white striped t-shirt layered over a light blue denim shirt and a pair of white joggers. The finishing touch to his look was an eye-catching pair of rainbow sneakers.

  • Usher: Distressed jeans, patent leather boots, and a vibrant leather jacket with metallic detailing
  • KidSuper: Blue and white striped t-shirt, light blue denim shirt, white joggers, and rainbow sneakers

2. Style + swagger: How KidSuper Helps Usher Slay the Vegas Streets

When you think of Las Vegas, it’s impossible to ignore the scale and extravagance of each and every street—especially when walking with someone as suave and fashionable as Usher. But stepping on the Strip wouldn’t be complete without the special something from KidSuper.

With sleek cut-and-sew pieces ranging from bombers to shorts, Usher balances both flash and street-lean classics when taking on the Vegas strip. The cherry on top? KidSuper’s taste for daring colors and textures that elevate each look to a show-stopper. And Usher can take any of his favorite pieces around town—from swerving up tall palm trees to hitting up late-night restaurants.

KidSuper’s snazzy selection helps Usher bring his style to the Vegas streets:

  • A selection of bold sweatshirts
  • Tailored pants with a loud twist
  • A range of bold colors like sunset purple and jet black

KidSuper has Usher’s back when it comes to owning the Vegas streets, and it shows. After all, a walk on the Strip is only as good as what you wear.

3. Glamorous Glimpse Into The “Greatest Show on Earth”: Behind-The-Scenes Look with KidSuper and Usher

The Collaboration

KidSuper and Usher collaborated on a behind-the-scenes look into the “Greatest Show on Earth”. This exclusive sneal peek revealed a glamorous glimpse of what important pieces make up the show. KidSuper created intricate props to be used while Usher brought his unique artistic vision to the project with his own wardrobe choices. Together, they highlighted the excitement that surrounds the show.

The Finer Details

When looking at the finer details in the collaboration, we can’t help but marvel at the intricate design and creativity that KidSuper and Usher brought together. From Usher’s stunning wardrobe to the one-of-a-kind props created by KidSuper, we can tell that the “Greatest Show on Earth” was setting itself up for a big reveal. Here are just some of the stunnig features KidSuper and Usher brought to the show:

  • Fabulous wardrobe choices from Usher
  • Unique props from KidSuper
  • Majestic set pieces from the show

Together, these touches were intricately crafted and revealed a heightened level of creative vision for the “Greatest Show on Earth”. Both KidSuper and Usher’s vision brought incredible levels of detail that further highlighted the grandeur of the show. With KidSuper’s exemplary vision and style, Usher unquestionably took Vegas by storm. From the daring silhouettes to the velvety sheen, KidSuper ensured that Usher looked his best while live-staging the “Greatest Show on Earth.” Indeed, this was one performance that won’t soon be forgotten—and it’s all thanks to KidSuper’s incredible stage wardrobe that contributed to an unforgettable show.

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